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BMW has thrown literally everything but the kitchen sink at its new fourth generation X5. Here are five cool features that will be available in Singapore.

04 Oct 2018

Codenamed the G05, the all new BMW X5 will be available to Singaporean car buyers in the first quarter of 2019. And with this fourth iteration, BMW has literally thrown everything but the kitchen sink at its pioneering SUV or Sports Activity Vehicle, SAV, as BMW prefers to call it.

During our time with the X5 in Atlanta, Georgia, we've narrowed down five of its coolest (or rather, our favourite and relevant for Singapore) features that you can expect to experience from next year.

The new BMW Operating System 7.0 display focuses on optimising attention control
1. BMW Live Cockpit Professional

Along with its latest model, BMW is also debuting its new Live Cockpit Professional display and control system, fitted as standard. It comprises a fully digital instrument cluster and a new infotainment display, both 12.3-inch, which house the company's new and improved BMW Operating System 7.0.

The seventh incarnation of iDrive is geared even more closely to the driver's needs by allowing him or her to tailor the system to his or her own preference with customisable widgets of information. This new level of personalisation is then stored in the BMW cloud and can follow the customer to other BMW vehicles.

With its clear presentation and structuring, plus customisable and personalised displays, it sets out to provide drivers with the all right information at any given time.

The huge panorama glass roof is illuminated with more than 15,000 graphic patterns
2. Panorama glass roof Sky Lounge

An optional add-on for Singapore models, the Sky Lounge consists of a huge panorama glass roof that is illuminated with more than 15,000 graphic patterns, featuring a variety of hues.

This generates a special and exclusive aura when darkness falls (a great party trick for first dates), with LED light spreading evenly across the glass, reminiscent of a starlit sky, at the push of a button. The colour scheme of this atmospheric light show can also be adapted as desired.

This feature is also optional on BMW's flagship 7 Series sedan, and yes, if it looks familiar, that's because Rolls-Royce has done something similar before with its spellbinding bespoke Starlight Headliner. But arguably, the Sky Lounge takes cabin lighting to a whole new level!

Integral Active Steering helps enhance the X5's versatility, dynamic ability and comfort levels
3. Integral Active Steering

Integral Active Steering, BMW speak for four-wheel or rear-wheel steering, is a system that's available for the first time in a BMW X model. It uses a variable steering ratio with passively steered rear wheels, resulting in improved stability and comfort, and of course, that hallmark BMW agility and dynamic driving experience everyone loves.

At play, the rear wheels can turn up to a maximum of three degrees, depending on factors such as vehicle speed, wheel speed, and steering angle.

The new X5 is bigger, the biggest actually. And it's also heavy with all versions weighing well over two tonnes. But despite this, it is as comfortable and sharp-handling on smooth, fast and twisty roads, as it is on unpaved trails. Much of the credit is owed to its Integral Active Steering, available in Singapore as an option.

A button in the luggage compartment activates a loading mode that lowers the X5 by 40mm
4. Adaptive two-axle air suspension

The X5 will come standard to Singapore with adaptive two-axle air suspension, which offers ride height adjustment of up to 80mm at the touch of a button or using the BMW Display Key. The suspension is controlled individually by an electrical compressor, which helps balance out the X5 in uneven situations.

When the Sport mode is engaged or if the X5's speed exceeds 138km/h, its ride height is automatically lowered by 20mm for increased stability. You can also adjust the body's ground clearance by up to 40mm for off-road driving, although we doubt any X5 owner in Singapore will take it off the beaten tracks.

More importantly, this feature enables a loading mode that lowers the X5 by 40mm, making loading heavy luggage and groceries easier (especially on your back), and packing simpler.

Features of the Driving Assistant Professional package can be monitored via the Live Cockpit Professional
5. Parking Assistant Plus and Driving Assistant Professional

Thanks to both the rearview camera and the top view, panorama view and 3D view functions of Parking Assistant Plus, a camera and ultrasound-based assistance system, which creates a 360-degree image of the vehicle and its surroundings in the Control Display, Singapore buyers will enjoy all-round visibility in their X5, as standard.

For an added peace of mind, they can also opt to add-on the Driving Assistant Professional package, which comprises the Steering and lane control assistant including Traffic Jam Assist as well as the Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection.

The coolest feature, however, Lane Change Assistant, is available during highway driving. To use it, simply hold an indicator in the desired direction and if the car's sensors detect enough space in the adjacent lane and no other vehicle approaching at high speed, steering assistance kicks in. An evasion aid also helps avoid collisions when cars or people suddenly appear in the driver's path.
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