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With extensive expertise in all types of transmissions, including dual-clutch transmissions, Eclipse Pro Auto Transmission is your go-to gearbox workshop.

05 Oct 2018

An average car has approximately 30,000 individual parts, all working together to help you to get from place to place. And yes, while a car is a complex piece of machinery, it isn't fragile by any stretch of the imagination. After all, all of these individual parts are designed to be durable, and exposed to regular use, especially the mechanical parts that make up the car's drivetrain.

The technicians at Eclipse Pro Auto Transmission are extremely well-versed in all typres of car transmissions
However, we would be foolish to think these parts are indestructible. Wear and tear is an inevitable reality of any kind of machinery. A car's gearbox is a piece of machinery that undergoes heavy load, having to deal with the transference of energy from the engine to the wheels.

It's a complicated piece of machinery, but at the same time an essential one. If something's amiss, you want to have the very best mechanics diagnosing the problem and offering the appropriate solution. 

Ample experience

Eclipse Pro Auto Transmissions has been a long-standing workshop in the automotive industry, with its founder having more than 50 years of experience working with cars.

What are some of the common issues faced as far as a car's gearbox is concerned? Clutch slippage, jerkiness, non-smooth gear changes or even missed gear changes. These all compromise your ability to drive. In especially adverse situations, the driver may not even be able to engage a driving gear, which means that the car is stranded.

Changing your car's ATF on a regular schedule is key in minimising potential problems
Problems tend to creep in as cars rack up the mileage. This is, of course, to be expected, with the inevitable wear and tear that the car's gearbox goes through.

To minimise potential problems, it is highly recommended to change the automatic transmission fluid (ATF in short) and the transmission filter on a regular schedule, ranging from 30,000km to 50,000km depending on the car's usage.

When more serious problems occur, the policy at Eclipse is always to try to repair or overhaul the gearbox rather than just swapping in another one. By replacing worn parts with new ones, this helps to keep costs down for customers. Also, as more serious problems tend to occur later in a car's 10-year life cycle, swapping in a brand new gearbox may not make much financial sense, especially if the car has just a couple of years left.

Special expertise

One of Eclipse's areas of expertise is in dual-clutch gearboxes. These gearboxes, more commonly found on Continental models, have been known to be less tolerant of our humid climate. At Eclipse, the workshop has a broad range of diagnostic tools, programming software as well as hardware to detect and remedy these problems. Even issues faced by the latest gearboxes from all new makes and models can be resolved.

One of Eclipse's area of expertise is dual-clutch gearboxes
Additionally, the mechanics at Eclipse Pro Auto have also been trained in servicing hybrid cars as well. These vehicles bring with them their own set of challenges, with the transmission having to deal with the instantaneous torque of the electric motor.

With its extensive experience and familiarity with all types of car makes, Eclipse Pro Auto is also the go-to workshop for more uncommon issues. The workshop readily deals with issues that perhaps other workshops may not be familiar with.

On top of transmission servicing, Eclipse Pro Auto also offers an extensive range of services, including general maintenance, engine overhauls, hybrid battery replacement with coding and ECU fixes.

The workshop has received positive feedback from numerous customers. Mr. Tan, who drives a Toyota Harrier, mentioned, "The gearbox overhaul was good and promptly done." Also, Mr. Tay, who drives an Audi S5, remarked, "I enjoyed significant savings compared to going back to the authorised dealer." 

Make an appointment and head down to Eclipse Pro Auto Transmission for a free consultation
Expert consultation

If you are experiencing any issues with your car's transmission, you can head down to Eclipse Pro Auto Transmission for a free check and diagnosis. The workshop believes that it is vital for customers to head down to the workshop, not just to have their cars checked, but also to understand more about their vehicles as well.

For any queries, issues or troubleshooting, the easiest way to get in touch is via phone or whatsapp. Eclipse Pro Auto Transmission can be contacted at 9022 5288, 9889 3838 or 6257 5055. You can also visit the company's website at

Eclipse Pro Auto Transmission is located at 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #02-04/10 Singapore (568047), and is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday.
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