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Hamilton Autohub promises to provide customers with a pleasant experience by exceeding expectations and delivering both quality products and services.

05 Oct 2018

We recently concluded a roadshow in partnership with Hamilton Autohub at the Kassimbaba Live Fest at D'Marquee @ Downtown East. There, Hamilton Autohub, a new and used car dealership, showcased its extensive range of models for sale. If you have never heard of the company before, here is what they are all about, and why they should be your next stop if you are car shopping.

An sgCarMart Trusted Brand and Premium Dealer

A cosy lounge greets all of Hamilton's customers
Hamilton Autohub is the brainchild of a bunch of guys whose amalgamated experience of 20 years were spent in serving, understanding and catering to the needs of Singaporean car buyers.

Their primary aim is to be a brand name trusted for professional and impeccable service in the car retail business and also a one-stop place for all motoring needs, such as providing financial, insurance, after sales services, etc.

To date, Hamilton Autohub is recognised as an sgCarMart Trusted Brand, as well as Premium Dealer. These titles add to its list of awards and it is evident that the company has been on the right track to building a customer-centric strategy and 
cordial relationships with its stakeholders.

A promise of both quality products and services

Apart from a huge inventory of used cars, Hamilton also sells new parallel imported models
It currently has over 150 used cars in its fleet, as well as available stock for new parallel imported cars such as the Honda Shuttle, the Honda Stepwagon, the Honda Vezel, the Toyota C-HR Hybrid, the Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid and the Toyota Sienta.

To support its product portfolio, Hamilton Autohub also provides in-house and third-party warranty packages, which are endorsed by established names like Hitachi and Tokio Marine, just to name a few.

Customers have a choice on which packages best suit their needs, and the company's advisors are well-trained to tailor these packages to them accordingly. But apart from just that, it is the management's strict beliefs on service quality standards that have earned it its reputation thus far.

For example, it constantly adapts to market demands, coming up with new or better ways of managing its internal and external work processes, by leveraging on technology and various other applications. All of which is done in the name of improving the overall experience for its customers.

Impeccable service is something that the founders of Hamilton place importance on, even for the most difficult of customers
The company also constantly conducts service training for its staff, which are often reminded that customers come first. This is done with the aim of engaging even the most difficult of customers, and developing the relationship from a customer to a friend.

Sanjay K Rai, Director of Hamilton Autohub, says, "Competition is going to stay, especially in a small market like Singapore's, but we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry by building on our brand and providing a quality service beyond warranty, accessories, etc."

Hamilton Autohub also provides other services such as selling by consignment, COE renewal, deregistration and all the paperwork involved.

If you're looking to sell your car, revalidate your car's COE, or purchasing either a new or used car, give Hamilton Autohub a call at 6297 9001 to find out just how it can help you. The company is located at 6001 Beach Road #13-06 Golden Mile Tower Singapore (199589).
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