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Text | Goh Zhi Xuan
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6 November 2018
With the introduction of smartphones and mobile apps, many things can now be easily done online, greatly improving convenience. Let's have a look at some of them.

Ever since the World Wide Web gained traction with the general public, it has been constantly developing. With technological advancements, the world is very different from 20 years ago. The latest comparable breakthrough will be the inception of smartphones, and the mobile apps that came along with them. In current times, many products and services are offered through mobile apps, offering the highest level of convenience. Need to buy something? A few taps on your phone's screen and it's done. Consequently, mobile apps and the internet have helped to provide much convenience to the automotive world. Let's have a look at how it is done.
Buying/Selling car
Buying/Selling car 2
1. Buying/Selling car
In the past when you want to buy a used car, you will get hold of a newspaper and flip to the classifieds section. Likewise, if you want to sell yours, classified listings will be the prime option to get the word out.

Now that the internet has been weaved into the daily lives of most people, a simple yet highly effective way to reach the masses is now available. Websites allow listings to be filled with more information and photos, greatly enhancing the process of buying and selling of cars.
2. Car servicing (Liqui Moly E-services)
Liqui Moly E-Services allow drivers to purchase various automotive servicing packages via popular online platforms such as Shopee. After the payment is made, a physical voucher will be sent to you, which can then be redeemed at authorized workshops. This allows customers transparency in terms of pricing, services rendered and the flexibility of visiting their preferred workshop at their convenience. The vouchers have a one-year-validity from the date of purchase, which means there is no rush to redeem the service, this also makes it a great gift for your friends!

There is currently a special sale for sgCarMart readers, offering up to 15% off Liqui Moly E-Services at Shopee's 11.11 big sale happening from now till 14 November. Click here to view the items on sale now!

coupon app
coupon app 2
3. No need for parking coupons anymore
Introduced in 1980, parking coupons has been used in Singapore to pay for public carparks. Singapore's parking coupons have finicky little tabs to be removed to indicate the date and time of parking. Not only are these coupons a hassle to use, motorists also have to carry around parking coupons that were purchased beforehand, should they intend to park in public carparks.

However, with the introduction of the mobile app, the parking system has been revolutionised. Motorists can simply indicate their parking details in the app and pay for it using their debit or credit cards, avoiding hassle.
Advanced Car Eye
Advanced Car Eye 2
4. Traffic camera apps
Announcements through the radio stations were the only way motorists can find out the traffic condition on the various expressways here. Planning for trips up north can be a headache without knowing how bad the traffic situations at the respective checkpoints are.

With traffic camera apps offering 'live' updates of the traffic situation at the various major expressways and both of Singapore's checkpoints, planning the fastest route to your destination is much easier now.
Maps/directory apps
Maps/directory apps 2
5. Maps/directory apps
Most drivers used to have a street directory at home or tucked in their car. Without photographic memory, motorists had to rely on these physical maps to find their way around Singapore, especially so for less frequently travelled districts.

With the aid of maps and Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation found on every single smartphone nowadays, anyone can make their way easily to their desired locations whether it is in Singapore, or overseas. Apps such as yelp which shows you nearby restaurants are available should you need help deciding where to go.

Meanwhile, Liqui Moly's web directory shows you various workshops located near you, which will be helpful, especially when going on road trips.
TuningTuning 2
6. Tuning
Even in the world of modifications, the internet continues to make things more convenient. Car engines are controlled by the ECU (Engine Control Unit), modified cars are able to benefit from having their ECU tweaked (tuned) to accommodate to the changes.

With the advancement in technology, the tuners are able to tune the cars from a remote location. There are several ways to go about doing it as well. For example, the owner of the car can get the required software and hardware to data log the vehicle and send the files over for the tuner to make the adjustments and send the file back for it to be written into the car's ECU, much like updating the software in your mobile phone.
Car appCar app 2
7. 'Find my car' apps
Various 'find my car' apps are available, which lets you mark your vehicle location on a map after you parked it. This is especially useful at places with massive carparks or when going on road trips as it is not uncommon to face difficulty finding where your car when travelling in unfamiliar places.