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With 25 years of experience, Prem Brothers is able to solve all your automotive related problems, be it a large commercial vehicle or a family sedan.

20 Nov 2018

With the wide array of workshops found all over Singapore, car owners often have a hard time deciding which one to entrust their precious vehicles to. It clearly takes something special for a workshop to stand out from the rest in this business, and Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works is able to do so by offering quality workmanship at a fair pricing to all customers.

Prem Brothers' skilful mechanics are able to resolve all sorts of car related issues
In good hands

Serving the car community for 25 years, Prem Brothers is well-versed with repairing all kinds of cars, regardless of make or age. Equipped with up-to-date equipment such as On-board diagnostics (OBD) scan tools and skilled mechanics, Prem Brothers is able to cater to the needs of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well. But what really takes the cake is Prem Brother’s large compound with an exceptionally high roof clearance, which allows larger vehicles such as lorries with built-in cranes to be worked on.

Ganesh, Director of Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works, believes in educating his customers, and will always answer any queries they have regarding the repair works.

At Prem Brothers, customer service is taken seriously, no-obligation quotes and consultation are offered, and the mechanics will also advise on the importance of repairing crucial issues that concern the safety of the vehicle. Customers can be assured that vital issues on their cars are highlighted to them, and will be advised to get these necessary repairs done. With a responsible stance on vehicle repair works, customers can be assured of the quality of work done.

All kinds of cars, regardless of make or age, can be repaired here
One big family

Unlike usual businesses where the line between the one standing in front and behind the counter is clearly defined, Prem Brothers treats customers as close friends and family. Setting foot in their workshop, you will be pleasantly surprised by their sincere and friendly customer service that gives off a homely feel. Being a family-run business, it all makes perfect sense that the family-oriented vibes are passed on to customers who visit them.

Skilful work, honesty and a fair pricing goes a long way

With humble beginnings in a small shop located in a petrol station, Prem Brothers has weathered the ups and downs of the economy throughout the years, and got to the current point where it is situated in a comfortably-sized compound. Ganesh believes in building trust with his customers and the importance of honesty. Combine this positive spirit with a team of skilful mechanics, it is no wonder that Prem Brothers has built up a strong and loyal customer base.

Ganesh recounts to us about a customer who had been servicing his cars with them for more than a decade, "From his first car to his last car".  This clearly is the best testament to Prem Brothers' excellent services.

An exceptionally high roof clearance allows larger vehicles such as lorries with built-in cranes to be worked on here
One-stop shop

Prem Brothers is able to resolve all sorts of car related issues, from conducting simple oil changes, commercial vehicle servicing and repairs, routine vehicle inspection, fleet management, to complex jobs such as engine overhauls. It also carries the various engine oils that are catered to specific needs of customers, such as those made for the newer 'Euro 6' certified engines. Aside from repair works, it also offers roadside assistance and round-the-clock tow truck services to cater to all the needs of its customers.  

As a workshop that repairs large commercial vehicles, safety of both their mechanics and the customers are of top priority, as such, Prem Brothers obtained a bizSAFE certification, for its customers' peace of mind. 

Prem Brothers is located at 138 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 Singapore (757856), and is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

To find out more about Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works, you can call 6368 2683 or visit its facebook page here.
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138 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 S(757856) (map)

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9am - 6pm (Mon - Sat)



63682683 / 63684947

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