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Missed the big sales of last year? Not to worry, as we have compiled a list of the best festive deals from MyCarForum Marketplace.

10 Jan 2019

Sales at the end of the year, such as Black Friday and Singles Day, are good times to catch a good deal on products you have always wanted to buy.

Missing out would be a pity, as there are big savings to be had. Not to worry, though, as sgCarMart brings you another year of Festive Deals, so that you can usher in the Lunar New Year with new goodies for your car.

Mods Ministry - Pioneer AVH-G115 DVD Player and Reverse Camera ($255)

The Pioneer AVH-G115 DVD Player has a seven-band graphic equaliser that supports a wide range of media inputs. The advanced interface is intuitive and easy to use, and comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Pioneer AVH-G115 supports a wide range of media inputs

Mods Ministry will be offering a very low price for the AVH-G115 at only $255, cash and carry. What’s more, every purchase entitles you to a set of Hertz speakers for only $100.

- Check out the Pioneer AVH-G115 DVD Player and Reverse Camera.

U-Audio - Pioneer AVH-A205BT with Reverse Camera ($380)

The Pioneer AVH-A205BT is a head unit that sports a 6.2-inch WVGA touchscreen display, built-in Bluetooth, and direct control for iPods and iPhones. The AVH-A205BT plays audio and video from almost any source, too.

The Pioneer AVH-A205BT offers direct control for iPods and iPhones

U-Audio is having a promotion on the Pioneer AVH-A205BT head unit, which includes a reverse camera, for $380 with installation.

- Check out the Pioneer AVH-A205BT.

DS Specialty - 3M Crystalline Solar Film Packages (Up to $650 off)

Running around in your car to complete your visiting duties this Chinese New Year might get a little uncomfortable, due to the heat bearing down on your car.

DS Specialty is offering up to $650 off 3M Crystalline Solar Film, with a 10-year warranty

The easiest way to solve this would be to get your windows tinted with high quality solar film, like ones from 3M. The 3M Crystalline range of films offer up to 90% of Infra Red rejection and 99% UV rejection.

DS Specialty is offering money off its 3M Crystalline Solar Film Packages with 10-year warranty. These range from $250 off for small sedans, $350 off for full sized sedans, and $650 off MPVs, SUVs and supercars.

- Check out the 3M Crystalline Solar Film Package.

Premier Auto - Door Visors for Honda Vezel ($20/set)

Door visors are very useful items to have for your car, as it allows you to crack open your windows in the rain without water getting in. It also acts as a wind deflector in certain instances, reducing wind noise inside the cabin, especially at high speeds.

These door visors allow you to crack open your window in the rain, without getting you wet

Premier Auto is having a special sale for door visors for the Honda Vezel, at only $20 a set.

- Check out the Door Visors for Honda Vezel.

Nurburgring Pte Ltd - Florine Coated Wiper Set ($38.90)

You wouldn't want to be caught off guard in a storm while driving, with wipers failing to keep water off your windscreen.

A good set of wipers can alleviate the situation tremendously. Florine coated wipers are able to repel water and glide more easily on your windshield surface.

These florine coated wipers repel water well due to its hydrophobic properties

Nurburgring Pte Ltd is selling a fluorine coated quality wiper set for only $38.90

- Check out the Florine Coated Wiper.

SingTrade Marketing - Sound System Upgrades ($1,399 to $3,388)

SingTrade Marketing is offering promotions for complete sound system upgrade packages for Chinese New Year.

The Pioneer & Audison Sound System Package includes a Pioneer DEQ-S100A Sound Processor and the powerful but compact TS-WX130DV Active Subwoofer.

The Pioneer & Audison Sound System Package also includes sound proofing for four doors

Speakers consist of the Audison APK 165 Ω2 two-way speakers and APX 6.5 co-axial tweeters. To top it off, the package includes double layers of SKB Sound Proofing for four doors. All for a price of $1,399 with basic installation (Usual price $2,800).

The Zapco & Focal Sound System Package on the other hand, includes the eight-channel, integrated DSP Zapco ADSP-Z8 IV-8 amplifier, with components from Focal consisting of the ES 162 two-way speaker kit, PC 165F two-way coaxial tweeters, and the IBUS 20 Plus & Play amplified subwoofer. The package costs $3,399 with basic installation (usual price $4,800).

- Check out the Pioneer & Audison Sound System Package and Zapco & Focal Sound System Package.

365 Automotive - 225/45/17 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance ($115/piece)

365 Automotive will be offering the made-in-Europe 225/45/17 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyre for only $115 per piece, inclusive of taxes and labour.

The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance in 225/45/17 size can be had for just $115 per piece

The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyres offer superior wet grip performance, with an A-rating under EU regulations in this regard. Goodyear's technologies incorporated into the tyre such as ActiveBraking and WearControl allows for increased road contact, shorter braking distances, improved wear life with improved fuel efficiency.

- Check out the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyre.

Tyre Track - 205/55/16 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 ($130/piece)

Tyre Track & Accessories Trading will be offering the proven Michelin Pilot Sport 4 in 205/55/16 for only $130, which includes balancing, installation and changing of rubber tube valves.

The Pilot Sport range has earned a solid reputation for its emphasis on driving sensations and pure efficiency. It has high levels of grip, driving precision, dynamic response and safety, thanks to its reinforced belt structure.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 has earned a solid reputation for its performance on the road

Quote 'MyCarForum' when you are purchasing the 205/55/16 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 at Tyre Track to enjoy this deal.

- Check out the Michelin Pilot Sport 4.

Net Link Leasing - Commercial Vehicle Festive Promo Leasing Package ($1,388/month, one month free)

Net Link Leasing specialises in the rental and leasing of commercial vehicles, with a fleet consisting of commercial vehicles from small to large vans, pickups, and 10, 14 and 24ft trucks.

Net Link Leasing has a wide variety of commercial vehicles available for lease

Net Link Leasing is having a Festive Promo Leasing Package for vans and 10ft trucks for $1,388 a month for a 11 month + one month free contract, from the usual price of $1,400 a month for a one-year leasing contract. Plus, all leasing packages comes with an administrative and support team for any issues.

- Check out the Net Link Leasing Festive Promo Leasing Package.

D&D Motoring - Toyota Hiace for rent ($60/day)

D&D Motoring is offering the powerful, economical and trustworthy commercial vehicle, the Toyota Hiace, for rent for as low as $60 a day. Their weekly and monthly rates go for $400 and $1,500, respectively.

- Check out the Toyota Hiace for rent.

Sterling Details - Ulgo CNY Coating Promo Packages (from $488)

Start the new year with your car coated and protected from the elements with a coating package from Sterling Details, using made-in-Japan Ulgo products.

Ulgo Coating products are 100% Made-in-Japan

The extensive detailing package includes iron powder removal, body polishing, engine bay and wheel cleaning, before the coating is applied on the whole car. Sterling Details is also offering a three-year warranty on the packages.

Prices start from $488 for hatchbacks and sedans, to $588 for SUVs and MPVs.

- Check out the Ulgo CNY Coating Package for Hatchbacks/Sedans and SUV/MPVs.

New Age Polish - Car Polish & Wax CNY Promo Package ($188 for all car sizes)

Looking for a quick polish and wax for the new year at an affordable price? The talented folks at New Age Polish are ushering the new year with a Chinese New Year polish and wax promotion, priced at only $188 for all car sizes.

Get your car gleaming again for a low price of $188 for all car sizes at New Age Polish

The package assures a brilliant shine, fantastic hydrophobic properties and a body panel surface that is smooth to the touch.

- Check out the Car Polish & Wax CNY Promo Package.

Stamford Tyres - Chinese New Year Car Servicing Promotion ($98)

The lifeblood of the car is its engine oil. For those who will be driving their cars to do their Chinese New Year visiting duties, doing an oil change is vital, to prevent any mishaps or excessive wear.

Stamford Tyres has an ongoing promotion for car servicing, at only $98 with Castrol EDGE 5W40 oil. Castrol EDGE is the engine oil for drivers who want maximum engine performance with high levels of protection. At this promotional rate, it is certainly a no-brainer choice.

There is no reason to skimp on an oil change this Chinese New Year, with Stamford Tyres' Castrol car servicing deal

- Check out the Castrol EDGE 5W40 SN Vehicle Servicing package.

With that, you certainly do not need to break the bank to get new goodies for your car this Lunar New Year with all these exclusive festive deals; all happening at the MyCarForum Marketplace.
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