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To the casual observer, it seems that the all new second generation Range Rover Evoque hasn't changed much. So what's new with the car?

26 Mar 2019

A Rangie isn't just any run-of-the-mill sort of car. It's for the discerning drivers enjoy the reverse snobbery effect that's not often associated with any other high-end car brands. Thus, getting an SUV like a Range Rover comes with a certain level of expectation.

For one, it has to be luxurious and comfortable without compromising on the usual car stuff such as handling and driving dynamics. Secondly, it should feel right at home off the tarmac as it does on the road. Lastly, it needs to have that lasting contemporary design, inside and out, that will never look dated.

Cue the all new Range Rover Evoque - arguably the most stylish compact SUV you can get right now.

Looks aside, despite being 'all new', the car hasn't changed much from its predecessor, but that decision was made for very good reasons. Instead, changes are more evident on the inside and are perhaps less obvious. Here are some of the things you didn't know about the Evoque:

All three variants in Singapore will all be assisted by a 48V mild hybrid system
1. It's now a mild hybrid

Considering that Land Rover acknowledges the fact that electrification is central to future mobility solutions, it comes as no surprise that the British carmaker has equipped the new Evoque with a 48V mild hybrid system.

Thanks to its new Premium Transverse Architecture platform, not only is the new Evoque stronger and stiffer, it also enables electrification as well as more space.

In fact, despite retaining the length of the car from its predecessor, legroom and boot space have increased. Talk about engineering wizardry!
A Plug-in Hybrid model will be available in the next 12 months
2. A Plug-in Hybrid is coming

As you can imagine, with its new platform, Land Rover isn't stopping at just a mild hybrid system. With a keen eye towards the future, the Evoque will come in a form of a three-cylinder Plug-in Hybrid in approximately 12 months' time.

This will also allows the new compact SUV to reach a wider net of audience. While the efficient new 48V mild hybrid powertrain is designed for urban driving, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy with no charging required, the Plug-in Hybrid version of the Evoque will be perfect for customers who are looking for a silent Range Rover refinement.

The Evoque is capable of wading through up to 600mm of water - 100mm more than its predecessor
3. It's a true blue off-roader

The new Evoque, as with its predecessor, is a true blue off-roader that will not break a sweat when it comes to wading through water, climbing steep slopes and riding through uneven terrains.

Thanks to the Terrain Response 2, which is typically found on the full-size Range Rover, the new Evoque has the capability to automatically detect the different surfaces it is being driven on and will thus adjust the setup accordingly. Of course, drivers can still manually select the various driving modes should they deem fit. The car is also equipped with features that can wrestle steeper gradients without any fuss.

The Ground View grants greater visibility beneath the vehicle when tackling uneven terrain
4. Invisible bonnet

The achievement of Land Rover's transparent bonnet concept is a world first.

Dubbed the ClearSight Ground View, cameras in front and on the door mirrors project a feed onto the centre touchscreen to show what's ahead and underneath the front of the car with a virtual 180-degree view.

As you would expect, this advance feature can help the driver maintain visibility when negotiating extreme terrains as well as along narrow roads around town, making the new Evoque ideal for handling the urban jungle, the actual jungle and everything in between.

ClearSight Rear View Mirror manages to revolutionise rear view mirror visibility from the driver's seat
5. Live screen monitor on the rear view mirror

Thanks to a rear-facing camera that's mounted on the roof, reversing in the dark is no longer a pain. All drivers need to do is flick a switch underneath the mirror and it activates a high-definition LED display.

This feature is capable of providing an unobstructed view when the rear visibility is compromised by taller passengers or bulky items. More impressively, with a screen provides a wider field of vision and superior visibility in low light, you can easily pick up cars in blind spots.

Cabin of the new Evoque is nothing short of modern and comfortable
6. Cabin charm

Apart from the impressive tech, the second generation Evoque comes with a superior cabin that's spacious, luxurious and calm. Technologies such as the dual touchscreen (similar to the pricier Velar) that features a faster software, 16-way seat controls and cabin air ionisation all combine to complement the increased interior space.

The Evoque also comes with high levels of connectivity. While the usual smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as ample USB slots are readily available here, what's worth noting is that the new Rangie is the first Land Rover with Smart Settings technology, which uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the driver's habits over time. This 'self-learning' technology recognises the driver from their key fobs and phone.
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