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There are a number of things to see and do when you're out and about in Singapore, and with the Volkswagen Polo, you can do much more.

29 Mar 2019

The sixth generation Volkswagen Polo is a complete compact hatchback that is big in attitude. It is comfortable and well-equipped, and sports a punchy drivetrain, too.

It is also the youngest and newest member of the Volkswagen family here. So as you'd expect, it should do what the young and hipster kids do, and then some. Here are a few ways the Polo excels in its cool form.

Parking is always an issue when out cafe hopping, but the Polo's compact size means its great for small, tight parallel lots
Cafe hoppin'

The quintessential hipster thing to do for a while now is to check out cafes around Singapore. While you may have cafes that are easier to access by car such as those deep in Bukit Timah or Seletar, most of these quaint cafes are situated in places such as Tiong Bahru and Tanjong Pagar.

And when you think of such places, you think of tight side streets and parallel lots - much easier to get out on foot to explore. But with the Polo, you don't have to.

Manoeuvring around town with the Polo's compact dimensions and good outward visibility, the task of cafe hunting becomes a lot easier. Slotting the Polo into a parallel lot is simple and fuss-free. And if you're still not confident, the Polo Beats comes with Park Assist, which can help you park your car accurately and perfectly.

You usually have to get out on foot to explore Singapore's vibrant side streets, but with the Polo, you can drive through them
Snap a photo at a cool spot

There's a number of cool places to check out in Singapore on foot. Places like Haji Lane and Bali Lane are vibrant with its lifestyle shops and cafes and are great for photos. But dealing with the sweltering heat (or a sudden downpour) isn't very cool.

Some of these places are within tight side streets and are often closed to traffic during weekends. At times when these roads are open to traffic, driving through is still a mighty task.

But piloting a Polo puts these problems to rest. The car's dimensions are perfect for smaller streets, and you get to roam around while staying away from the heat. Plus, when you spot a cool spot like a graffiti wall, capturing your next photo for your Instagram is easy. Oh, and you can even include your ride in the picture, too.

The VW Polo has some serious kit when it comes to sound thanks to the Beats audio system
Listen to a good beat

Driving with your favourite tunes is always a good idea, but having them coming out from a good sound system, on the other hand, is a different experience altogether.

As the name suggests, the Volkswagen Polo Beats comes as standard with the Beats Audio system, developed by the prolific hip-hop producer, Dr Dre. What it provides is a good 300W of clear, pumping sound through all six speakers.

The Polo Beats also comes with the latest Active Info Display, with three new gauge layouts. Plus, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can mirror your phone on the new generation entertainment system, creating your next playlist or getting directions on Google Maps is going to be a seamless task.

While you're out and about doing what the young kids do, its nice to have a car that is fun to drive, too
Enjoy the drive

Going around town to check out trendy places isn't just going to cut it. What you really need is an enjoyable driving experience that will further uplift the entire process. In this regard, the Polo doesn't fall short.

While running around town, you will find that the Polo is one punchy little car, with its 1.0-litre engine putting out a healthy 114bhp and 200Nm of torque.

Plus, you're not going to burn a hole in your pocket at the pumps with its fuel consumption figure of around 20km/L. Thus, there's much to like about the Polo. With good, crystal-clear music playing through the Beats system, a list of cafes that are easily accessible and a thoroughly enjoyable ride, the Volkswagen Polo is one compact hatchback that clearly allows you to have your cake and eat it.

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