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Red and Black CarRed and Black Car2
The BMW i3 is the nameplate car for BMW's vision for sustainable mobility with its all-electric drivetrain. We take a look back at how far the i3 has come.

Text | Idris Talib
Photos | BMW & Low Fai Ming
2 April 2019
Turqoise Car
BMW showcases its electric vehicle development with the all-electric E1 Concept. It had similar features of the BMW i3, such as its small dimensions and a lightweight body.
Futuristic Car
Project i is unveiled, a think-tank for sustainable mobility. Part of the project showcased future ideas of the Megacity Vehicle Concept, offering a glimpse into what the BMW i3 will look in the future.
Orange Car
BMW launches the new 'i' sub-brand, with the unveiling of the BMW i3 Concept.
Futuristic Car2
BMW unveils the road going version of the i3. Aside from being all-electric, the i3 is also BMW's smallest model yet. It is also the first series-production electric car to feature Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP).
Silver Car
BMW launches the i3 in Singapore. Its 60Ah battery gives it a range of 160km. A range extender (REx) option, powered by a 647cc two-cylinder engine, allows for a total of up to 300km in range.
At the same time, BMW Asia introduces the 360-degree ELECTRIC programme in Singapore. It consists of a complete suite of charging services, including a home charger installed for every purchase of a BMW i3 or i8.
BMW Group and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) embark on a $1.3 billion electromobility research project, with the BMW i3 and i8 as models to base research on. Conducted at NTU's Future Mobility Research Lab, the study focuses on real-life driver behaviour and vehicle performance, as well as new traffic prediction technologies.
Blue Electric Car
BMW puts a bigger 94Ah battery in the i3, allowing for 200km of range for every day use. The i3 REx version allows for a total of 330km in range.
Red Electric Car
BMW launches the i3s, a performance-oriented variant of the i3. Lower and wider, it makes a total of 135kW. The i3 and i3s also receives updated styling ques.
Maroon Electric Car
BMW introduces an updated traction control system in the i3s, working in conjunction with the eDrive system. It works 50 times faster than the previous system, allowing for a more dynamic driving experience.
Man and White Car
The i3 gets updated with a bigger 120Ah battery whilst retaining the same physical size as the 94Ah one used in the existing i3, bringing a 9.2kWh increase in energy capacity. The i3 now has a usable every day range of 260km.
To support its initiatives for sustainable mobility, the German Embassy in Singapore acquires a BMW i3, making it the first embassy here to use an electric vehicle for official use.
Strategy Number One
And Beyond
With electrification being one of the core pillars in BMW Group's NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy for the future, BMW i Ventures - a venture capital unit - will make investments in areas such as autonomous driving and digitisation allowing continued access to technologies of the future.

Plus, four new all-electric models are planned for mass production from now till 2021:
Silver Car2
BMW has scheduled for production of the BMW iX3, an all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle based on the X3. It will feature BMW's fifth generation of all-electric powertrains, with a expected range of over 400km
Bronze Car
BMW will start production of the Vision iNEXT Concept, which spearheads future innovations not just on electric powertrain technology. It will combine autonomous driving and connectivity services - with a range of over 600km in test cycles.
Futuristic Car2
The BMW i Vision Dynamics concept will also see series production in the form of the BMW i4, making it the first all-electric sedan from BMW.