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With Volkswagen's R-Line models, car buyers can enjoy stylish designs and a premium motoring experience at affordable price points.

22 May 2019

Volkswagen models have long been seen as the in-between choices that bridge the bread-and-butter Asian brands and the more luxurious European ones (think the ones from Ingolstadt, Munich and Stuttgart). But apart from entry-level variants, which are a common sight on our roads, Volkswagen also offers its highest-end and sportiest trim, known as R-Line.

R-Line models get features such as R-Line badging, and unique front and rear bumpers that incorporate stylish air intakes at the front
R-Line has long been an available trim for select Volkswagen models, and Volkswagen fans all over the world have been responding enthusiastically to the offering.

In Singapore, the R-Line package is offered on unique Volkswagen models such as the Volkswagen Arteon, the Volkswagen Golf Variant, the Volkswagen Passat Variant and the Volkswagen Tiguan, so that customers can enjoy more special features over the standard models, at still a great value.

Style for days

The trademark sporty exterior of R-Line models includes features such as R-Line badging, unique front and rear bumpers that incorporate stylish air intakes at the front and a glossy, black diffuser in the rear, larger wheels on certain trims, and wheel arch extensions and body coloured side skirts.

Much-welcomed paddle shifters are a standard feature across all Volkswagen R-Line models
Parked next to their standard-trimmed counterparts, the R-Line models instantly stand out due to their more aggressive fascias.

Inside, the R-Line models welcome drivers with items such as an R-Line-specific infotainment start screen, an R-Line steering wheel badge, paddle shifters, stainless-steel sport pedal covers, stainless-steel door sills complete with the R-Line logo, and a black headliner in models like the Arteon.

But more than exclusive premium features and sportier styling, and the 2.0-litre R-Line models, such as the Arteon and Passat Variant, even offer better performance alongside sportier driving dynamics - thanks to Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), Volkswagen speak for electrically adjustable dampers.

Receptive, adaptive

Yes, you can have electrically adjustable dampers on cars that do not carry a hefty, premium price tag.

The Passat Variant R-Line offers space, pace and grace all in one family-friendly package
The DCC adaptive suspension control system offers drivers three different programs to suit your mood: Sport, Normal and Comfort. The Sport mode, for instance, features relatively stiff dampers to match the changed steering characteristics.

More importantly, for the Golf and Passat models, the R-Line package is currently offered only on the Variants (estates), meaning that you also get a lot more utility with the fancier features.

The Golf Variant R-Line offers 225 litres more boot space than the standard hatchback, while the Passat Variant R-Line offers 64 litres more boot space than its sedan sibling.

Best of all, premium motoring doesn't always come at a cost, as proven by Volkswagen's R-Line models. The Golf Variant R-Line, for example, costs just about $15,000 more than the standard hatch.

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