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Hari Raya Puasa is just around the corner! If you are looking to pamper your car, here are some excellent deals being offered during this festive season!

15 May 2019

With Hari Raya Puasa just around the corner, heaps of car-related festive promotions and deals are springing up so we felt we should collate everything here for all you car lovers out there. Don't you just love us to bits?

Car accessories

Aestmod Auto LLP - ATC Headunit Buddy Deal (Up to $100 off each)

Bring your buddy to install your preferred ATC headunits together to get up to $100 off each!
All you have to do is to visit with a buddy, hold his/her shoulder and go "one buddy deal please" (like the KFC buddy meal). 

Okay, jokes aside, the ATC P900 has superb sound quality compared to most head units in the market. Remember to lower your volume after 10:30pm though!

Fong Kim Exhaust System Pte Ltd - 10% off all services, $100 off every $1000 purchase

D1 Spec offers you a good and right choice for improving your car's braking power
Fong Kim Exhaust System Pte Ltd has been tending to all kinds of problems related to vehicle exhaust and suspension systems since 1978. It distributes a wide range of aftermarket automotive parts such as exhaust systems, turbochargers, oil cooler kits, suspension sets, brake kits and many performance parts.

Now you can get 10% off all services and $100 off every $1000 purchase at Fong Kim. Check out its full list of products here!

Motoserv Pte Ltd - Bosch Clear Advantage Wiper Blades (Buy 1 Free 1)

Bosch Clear Advantage wiper blades provide more clarity while you drive with its single flat beam design
Bosch wiper blades come with a single flat beam design that makes sure there's no gap between the blade and the windshield so, in the event of rain, you'll have more clarity while you drive.

With this Raya promo, you can get one for $10 a piece! Makes for good presents!

Swift Battery Specialist - Car Batteries (10% Off)

10% off any car batteries from four different brands
Swift Battery Specialist is a Singapore based company that offer professional car battery replacement and car tyre puncture repair that operates 24/7!

Now you can quote 'SBSRaya10' to get 10% off any car battery (Globatt, Deta, Mutlu, and Exide)

Car Grooming

SENSHA Singapore - Sensha Signature Spa (from $78)

Get your car gleaming again for as low as $78 at SENSHA Singapore
SENSHA offers a full range of product line ups to respond to all its customers' needs concerning anything car coating and washing related. In this Hari Raya it is offering the SENSHA Signature Spa - wash, wax, interior cleaning & treatment starting from $78 only.

Other Raya Promotion Packages:
SENSHA Standard Express Crystal Glow Coating Package From $468
SENSHA Premium Express Crystal Glow Coating Package From $568

Sterling Details Pte Ltd - ULGO Ultimate Coating Treatment ($200 Off)

ULGO Ultimate Coating Treatment with 3 to 7 years warranty on watermarks
Jointly developed by a car coating professional with over 20 years of experiences and a chemical manufacturer, ULGO provides unparalleled shine and performance for your car.

Get the ULGO Ultimate Coating Treatment at only $488 (U.P $688)!!!! It has a self-cleaning effect (Only monthly washing required), and it's backed up with 3 to 7-year warranty on watermarks.

D'BUNK'D Detailing - Fast 'N' Furious treatment + FOC Tyre Shine ($80 to $120)

Psst, remember to quote "sgCarMart" to enjoy free Tyre Shine!
D'Bunk'D have but only 1 goal - to bring back the shine that your car once had (when it was brand new) and we're not just talking about the paintwork. We mean EVERY SINGLE INCH of the car! 

Get your car washed, polished and waxed with a short 1 to 1.5 hour downtime only! Fast and furious and indeed!

Psst, remember to quote 'sgCarMart' to enjoy free Tyre Shine!

Hydro Mask - Hydro-mask 9H Coating ($250)

Hydro mask 9H coating with free water wax session for an attractive price of $250 for all car sizes
Hydro Mask uses 9H glass coating for the features like high water resistance, high dust resistance, high gloss finish, easy maintenance & reduce the frequency of car washing by 90%. Sounds perfect for a lazy guy like me. TAKE MY MONEY!

Hydro Mask also has one of the most value-for-money Raya promotions with its Hydro-Mask 9H Coating going at $250 nett (U.P $1176) for ANY sized vehicle models. This also includes a FREE water wax session (U.P $88)

5D Solutions Pte Ltd - Foam wash, polish and wax ($188 + FOC $20 Voucher)

Receive $20 CapitaLand voucher when you purchase their premium car wash package for $188
5D Solutions is an Approved Applicator of Kube Bond. The coating gives the paintwork permanent protection, and it also provides a lifetime warranty to assure you of the quality of their product.

Take advantage of its foam wash, car polish and wax at $188 with $20 Capital Land Voucher thrown in just for you!

Solar film

Tintsy Cool International - IrisPro Platinum 99UV420 Solar Film (35% Off)

Enjoy 35% discount when you install the IrisPro Platinum solar film to block heat & UV rays
We wrote an article recently on some of the best Solar Film Workshops in Singapore, and Tintsy Cool was one of the recommended workshops. You can read the article here.

Now you can get 35% Off All IrisPro Platinum 99UV420 Solar Film that rejects up to 99% of InfraRed and 99% of UV rays from the sun!  

Vehicle servicing

Edwin Garage - Free Car Checking, Aircon Gas and Engine oil Top-up (Muslim customers only)

Car Checking, Aircon Gas and Engine oil Top-up all for free to Muslim friends!
Edwin Garage would like to wish all Muslim friends a blessed Hari Raya! And to celebrate this season with you, it is having a Hari Raya Special! From 15 May to 12 June, Edwin Garage will be giving away free services like free aircon gas top up, free car checking and free engine oil top up to all Muslim friends.

No transaction required, all you have to do is walk in for the free services.

Tec Auto Services Pte Ltd - Hari Raya Vehicle Servicing Package ($50 to $78)

Liqui Moly Engine Oil provides optimum protection to your car engine against wear and tear
TEC Auto is offering 2 Raya promotions concurrently:

Liqui Moly Vehicle Servicing Package - $78
Liqui Moly contains a special Molygen additive that prevents the formation of deposits, reduces frictional losses in the engine and provides optimum protection against wear and tear!

Vehicle Servicing Package (For Grab Drivers) - $50
There's even a Raya promo for Grab drivers too!

*All Packages include 4L Engine Oil, Car Wash and Aircon System Check

9 Degree Auto Pte Ltd - Shell Helix Ultra Vehicle Servicing ($78 to $88)

Shell Helix Ultra is a range of top-tier motor oil that actively helps keep engines clean
9 Degree LLP is a local automotive air-conditioning company with 10 years of combined experience in car air-conditioning maintenance and overhaul. This Raya, it is offering vehicle servicing packages at attractive prices!

Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 Vehicle Servicing - $78 (U.P $98)
Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 Vehicle Servicing - $88 (U.P $108)

*Package includes 4L Engine Oil, 1 Pcs Oil Filter, 21 Points Checks, Free Gift, Car Cabin Vacuum

Dreamworks Garage - MPM Vehicle Servicing Package (from $78)

MPM vehicle servicing going as cheap as $78 (U.P $108) with freebies!
This new workshop specialises in European cars and provides extensive service coverage for all major car makes and models. It provide services such as routine engine oil change & major servicing works and a whole long list of other services.

Get its MPM Vehicle Servicing Package from $78.
FREE Car Wash and $10 Capital Land Voucher for the first 50 cars to opt for this package!

*Package includes 4L Engine Oil, Oil filter and multiple point checks

Karcool Air Conditioning And Engineering Co. - Castrol Edge Vehicle Servicing Package + FOC Autobacs Wiper Blade ($138)

Get free Autobacs wiper blades when you service your car with Castrol Edge 5W40 SN Engine oil
Karcool provides Japan made solar films at affordable prices. If you didn't already know, everything that comes from Japan is made with the utmost care and extreme meticulousness. JAPAN BANZAI! 

Now is the good chance to get their Castrol Edge 5W-40 SN Vehicle Servicing Package at $138!

What's more, you can get FREE Autobacs Seven Japan Teflon Coated Aerodynamic Wiper Blade with FREE installation! Limited Stocks and Sizes only so act fast!

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