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With flexible installation options, a large 8.0-inch touchscreen and premium audio components, the new Pioneer DMH-ZS8250BT will meet every driver's needs.

20 Jun 2019

When it comes to in-car entertainment, different drivers have different individual requirements. For some drivers, it's as simple as just turning the radio on and having any radio station playing as background music. However, there are certainly drivers who demand more from their in-car entertainment system. 

The DMH-ZS8250BT offers ample installation flexibility
Thanks to the ability to connect our smartphones to our cars, drivers these days have immediate access to their own music libraries. Additionally, apps like Spotify grant access to curated playlists that you can listen to on the go. 

And, beyond just music, such connectivity also gives you quick access to other smartphone functions such as navigation, especially important if your sense of direction isn't so good.

Thankfully, Pioneer delivers a range of multimedia receiver products that will see to your every need.

Flexible installation and easy to use

Pioneer recently launched its new Z-Series range of multimedia receivers, and among them is the new DMH-ZS8250BT model, which delivers a premium and user-friendly experience while offering you great flexibility in terms of installation.

The 8.0-inch Wide Video Graphis Array display allows you to enjoy a rich user experience
One of the key benefits of the DMH-ZS8250BT is the flexibility it offers when it comes to installation. Thanks to a new design, the detachable face panel can be installed separately from the main unit. This allows for both single and double DIN sizes, as well as offering you the option to non-DIN size installations.

Additionally, you will find a new 8.0-inch Wide Video Graphics Array on the DMH-ZS8250BT, equipped with a 24-bit True Colour capacitive touchscreen panel. This allows you to enjoy a rich user experience. 

Connectivity Options

Apple CarPlay connectivity gives you access to your phone's music library
Of course, like the other models from the Z-Series range, the new DMH-ZS8250BT also offers ample connectivity options, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and WebLink. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offer you instant access to key smartphone functions, including music, navigation and access to your messages (applicable to phone messaging and WhatsApp). The new WebLink expands Pioneer in-car entertainment with a range of apps with which you can enjoy personalised music, videos and other content powered by your phone and the cloud. 

Premium sound quality

The DMH-ZS8250BT uses premium audio components to deliver high-quality sound
Beyond just improvements in installation convenience and display quality, the new DMH-ZS8250BT also takes significant steps forward in terms of audio quality as well. Thanks to the use of improved audio components, including premium high capacitance Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors (PMLCAP), redesigned circuit boards with low impedance parts, shielded audio signal circuitry and an improved digital-to-analog converter, you are guaranteed a high-quality aural experience.

These high-quality audio components create a wider soundstage with clearer trebles, deeper bass and less distortion at high volumes. This translates to a significant increase in overall audio quality. Additionally, thanks to a 13-band graphic equaliser, you can tune to the sound to your exact preferences - whether it's clear mid-range vocals or deep drum and bass, the choice is all yours.

The Pioneer DMH-Z8250BT is now available at Pioneer's authorised dealers. To learn more, you can visit the Pioneer Car Entertainment Facebook page here. You can also find your nearest store here.
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