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Project 2WENTYSE7EN is a unique offering, with five subsidiaries under one roof that covers the purchase, modification, detailing and photoshoot of a car.

19 Jul 2019

Project 2WENTYSE7EN Holdings Pte Ltd is a unique proposition that offers a one-stop solution like no others, for car owners. Founded by a closely knitted bunch of car lover friends who understand the care that is expected by car owners, Project 2WENTYSE7EN (Project 27) ensures that every single customer leaves their premises satisfied.

The company is made up of five specialised entities with areas of expertise that include used and new car sales, automotive performance enhancement, sound system for events, professional photography services, as well as car detailing.

2WENTYSE7EN Motors Pte Ltd

27 Motors caters to your specific needs, if there is a particular car model that you are looking for, they can always procure one for you
2WENTYSE7EN Motors (27 Motors) is the arm that specialises on all kinds of car sales, be it consignment, new cars or used cars, and the parallel importing of new cars or used cars. With a team that is well-versed with the processes of car buying and selling, you can enjoy a hassle-free car buying experience.

Having sold cars that range from European luxury sedans to Japanese performance cars as well as Korean cars, it is clear that all kinds of cars are available through 27 Motors. In fact, 27 Motors prides itself on their customisable approach that suits the specific needs of customers, if you want a particular car model, you can always approach them to arrange for the import of it.

2WENTYSE7EN Performance Pte Ltd

Want to spruce up your ride? Leave it to 27 Performance!
Did we mention that the people behind this company are car enthusiasts? I’m sure we did, and guess what, most if not all car enthusiasts love to spice up their rides, unsurprisingly Project 27 has this area covered as well.

2WENTYSE7EN Performance is the part of Project 27 that focus on catering to the needs of enthusiasts. With knowledge fuelled by their love for cars, they are the ones to look for when you are interested in performance enhancement parts as well as various car accessories to transform your ride.

2WENTYSE7EN Soundwerkz Pte Ltd

27 Soundwerkz are the ones to go to for professional sound systems, they are able to cater to events of any scale!
2WENTYSE7EN Soundwerkz (27 Soundwerkz) is one of the branches in Project 27 that provides services that are not directly related to cars. 27 Soundwerkz are the guys to turn to for high quality sound systems for events of any scale, whether it is a wedding function or a full scale corporate event that include Live DJs.

27 Soundwerkz always ensure their equipment are in perfect working condition before and after each event, as such, customers can be assured of quality sound and service at their important events. Apart from sound systems, 27 Soundwerkz are also able to provide staging, lighting and backdrop needs, offering a one-stop solution, with them you can be assured that your guests are always entertained.

2WENTYSE7EN Shuttersnap Pte Ltd

Want to have a family portrait taken? Or some stunning photos of your precious ride? Leave it to 27 Shuttersnap
This is yet another arm of Project 27 that isn't car-centric, 2WENTYSE7EN Shuttersnap (27 Shuttersnap) is a professional photography company that is equipped with a full-fledged indoor studio facility. They are able to provide all kinds of photography services such as event coverage, product photography, property photoshoot, pre or post wedding shoots (both indoor and outdoor), family portraits and of course automotive photography.

They are also able to cover car convoys and overseas trips, is your car group planning for a trip up north? Why not engage 27 Shuttersnap’s services and get all the memorable moments photographed for keepsake. Did we mention that 27 Shuttersnap's indoor studio is comfortably furnished, equipped with air-conditioning, a TV and Playstion 4? You can also rent the studio for jamming sessions with your mates, or simply to kick back and relax while enjoying some games with your friends.

2WENTYSE7EN Gloss Boyz Pte Ltd

Everyone loves to keep their car clean and shiny, its the same for the Gloss Boyz! If you want your car to feel fresh and clean, you know who to look for!
2WENTYSE7EN Gloss Boyz (27 Gloss Boyz) provides professional car grooming and detailing services. As expected from their name, the Gloss Boyz really loves the glossy shine of a freshly groomed car! You can be assured that your ride is in good hands, using premium products, 27 Gloss Boyz lathers your car with tender loving care, ensuring an unmatchable sheen.

Services they offer includes premium car and bike wash, interior cleaning, engine bay enhancement, odour fumigation, paint protection as well as wax and polish. If you have a busy schedule but still want to keep your car fresh and clean, you will be glad to hear that 27 Gloss Boyz also offer mobile grooming services!

Don't just hear it from us, you should also check out the raving reviews on their Facebook page, in fact, the best testament to their quality work will be the amazing before and after photos that you can see for yourself. Owners of premium rides such as Nissan GTR and Ferrari trust 27 Gloss Boyz, you should too!

Remember how we mentioned that Project 27 provides a one-stop solution like no others? Instead of the usual one-stop workshop, what they offer is a location where you can pop by to purchase your car, have it detailed or upgraded while you get your family portrait taken as well. You can also choose to kick your feet up and rent out the studio area which is not only comfortably furnished and air-conditioned, but also has a Sony Playstation 4 and a TV with Netflix!

Project 2WENTYSE7EN Holdings Pte Ltd is located at 61, Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace, Singapore 416141, it is open from 2:30pm to 10:30pm from Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays, Public Holidays by appointment only. To find out more, you can contact Project 2WENTYSE7EN Holdings at 9128 2226.
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2.30pm - 10.30pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun, PHs by Appt only




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