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No matter what you have planned over a hectic and busy week, the new BMW X5 is the ultimate companion to your bustling life.

11 Jul 2019

In my younger days, buying a new car was a simpler affair - whatever was the cheapest goes. However, now that I'm older and with a growing family, choosing a new car has become a more complicated matter. On one hand, it needs to be stylish, good to drive and have a more mature disposition. On the other hand, it also needs to be safe and highly practical, especially with two kids in tow. All in all, it needs to be able to match my consistently hectic life. 

Monday: Still got the blues

Mondays are less of a slog thanks to the comfort and serenity that the X5 delivers
The start of the work week is always somewhat painful, having to restart the motor after the weekend and diving straight back into a pile of work. The X5 makes the journey peaceful and pleasant with its quiet cabin and effortless drive thanks to its smooth 3.0-litre engine. Wireless connectivity also lets me enjoy music on my phone while caught in the usual Monday morning traffic. 

Tuesday: Breaking a sweat

Tuesdays are perfect for sweating it out, and thankfully the X5 will easily accomodate my bicycle
It's important to ensure that some exercise gets done every week. Part of it is just a matter of keeping trim and fit, but it's also a great way to relieve stress and just have some time to myself. My workout of choice is cycling, and with the easily folding rear bench and ample 1,860-litre boot, I can fit my bicycle inside the X5, without having to take one wheel off.

Wednesday: Stocking up

Wednesdays are the day we head to the supermarket to stock up
With two growing boys at home chomping through every vaguely edible thing in the fridge, it's perhaps no surprise that the grocery run has now become a weekly affair. Luckily, the X5's easily accessible boot makes loading groceries a cinch. Additionally, using the 360-degree surround view camera makes it much easier to negotiate the X5 in tight and crowded shopping centre carparks. 

Thursday: Keeping up with the in-laws

Thursdays are when the whole family come together for dinner
Thursdays have become our de facto family day - it's the day where we always take the kids to have dinner with the in-laws. Whether it's bringing food over to their place, or heading out together as a family, I can rest assured that the seven-seater X5 will fit us all. The third row seats will accomodate the two little ones whenever we head out as a big group, while still being comfortable enough for them to fall asleep on the way home! 

Friday: Winding down

Friday nights are best for spending quality time with the wife
With five hectic workdays coming to an end, it's important to spend some quality time together with the wife (some time away from the two little rascals is always nice, too). Whether it's going out to catch a movie or just having dinner at a nice restaurant, Friday nights are for heading out. And if we're struggling for ideas, we can always ask the X5 for suggestions using the Intelligent Personal Assistant! "Hey BMW, find me the nearest movie theatre."

Whether it's driving alone to work, or heading out with the family with two kids screaming in the backseat, the X5 is certainly the most ideal car for me. The new BMW X5 not only keeps up with all my different needs, it makes life easier and better. It certainly is the ultimate companion for my bustling life.
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