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The tranquillity of a carpark at night can give off an uneasy and sinister feel. During this lunar 7th month period, avoid staying out late at these carparks.

08 Aug 2019

Carparks always seem to give off an unsettling feeling in the middle of the night. We can't really pinpoint the sole reason for that, but for starters, carparks tend to be dark, quiet and empty. It might also be due to the fact that it is one of the most common settings for horror films.

Ever parked your car well past midnight, and get that shiver down your spine, urging you to sprint home as fast as possible? If you did, we would urge you to avoid these following carparks.

Kranji park carpark

Surrounded by lush greenery and Kranji Reservoir, this carpark has an ominous atmosphere at night
Drive past the vast Lim Chu Kang road lined with cemeteries, cruise through the snaky Neo Tiew Road and you will end up at Kranji Park carpark B. This is an open air carpark located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by greenery and flanked by the large body of water that is the Kranji Reservoir. In the day, it's a seemingly calm and relaxing location to kick back and relax, maybe enjoy a picnic with your family. Come nightfall, the atmosphere is mostly eerie and slightly sinister as the area is dimly lit, with the far end of the carpark shrouded in almost total darkness. We wouldn't dare to be there alone past midnight!

Pearls Centre carpark

While no longer around, the Pearls Centre carpark was one sinister looking location
This carpark is no longer around as Pearls Centre was acquired by the Singapore Land Authority to make way for underground tunnelling works for the Thomson MRT Line. With its 99-year lease dated back to 1969, over the years the building had been through various change of its core tenants, from cinemas to nightclubs.

Its aged carpark was also where a dead body was found back in 2014. While the carpark had a breathtaking view of the city lights, parts of it were poorly lit, with level 7 and 8 especially dark, adding to its hair-raising atmosphere.

Carpark near Old Changi Hospital

A parking area that is located right outside the most haunted spot in Singapore, what could go wrong?
Old Changi Hospital is by far the most well-known haunted spot in Singapore. There were even horror movies based on it. If for some reason you have been living under a rock and never heard of it, here's the legend: It was reportedly used by the Japanese forces during World War II as a torture chamber for prisoners-of-war. Countless local paranormal investigators and enthusiasts have reported sightings of spirits and such at Old Changi Hospital. Needless to say, the parking area just outside of this derelict building will send a shiver down your spine. Just imagine walking alone, over to your car after a night of partying at one of the chalets in the vicinity. Yikes.

Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

Wedding shoot location by day, eerie challenge for the brave ones by night
Upper Seletar Reservoir Park is a serene location and a hot favourite for wedding photoshoots amongst the lush greenery. Like Kranji Park Carpark, this is located in the vicinity of a large body of water.

In the darkness of nightfall, the water looks like a vast black piece of nothingness.

The secluded nature of this location doesn't help its case, in fact with a single point of entrance through a snaking unpopulated road, you will probably freak out before reaching the parking lots.

Orchard Towers carpark

Two decomposed bodies were found in the boot of this Daewoo at Orchard Towers' carpark back in 2002!
Orchard Towers have recently been put in the spotlight with the high profile brawl which ended up in a death and several murder charges filed.

What many might not know is that Orchard Towers' carpark was where two decomposed bodies were found in the boot of a Daewoo back in 2002.

We don't know about you, but any location with such a history will surely give us the chills. This location being a dark and quiet carpark just brings things up a notch!

Jalan Bahar Heavy Vehicle carpark (Jurong West St 75)

Large and quiet carpark filled with towering vehicles, what can go wrong?
Heavy vehicles carpark are usually quiet at night. Between the sheer size of these carparks, the less than excellent lighting and the towering vehicles parked in them, its seems as though paranormal occurrences are guaranteed if you were to wander into such carparks at night.

It is said that if you were to walk alone in this carpark, you might hear a familiar voice calling out for you, and should you respond to it, you will be possessed by an evil spirit that lurks in this sinister location. Apparently a temple was built in the vicinity to suppress the evil spirits. Creepy!

HDB multi-storey carparks: Bonus mentions!

What's so scary about HDB carparks? Its just empty, quiet and dimly lit... is that someone behind that pillar? Yikes!
Don't get us wrong, we are not saying that all HDB carparks are haunted, but in the middle of the night, almost any built-up area with poor lighting can trigger the fear inside you. According to urban legends, there is a haunted carpark located in Seng Kang and another at Yishun Ring Road which are haunted by the spirit of someone who had committed suicide.

Haunted or not, many multi-storey carparks here tend to be rather dimly lit. In the middle of the night, after parking your car, chances are you will be the only one in the entire carpark and the quietness just adds to the eeriness. If you are faint-hearted, we suggest that you get home early and avoid staying out late to avoid instances where you have to be alone in the carpark after midnight, especially during the 7th Lunar Month.

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