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In order to achieve the best shine and protection, Artdeshine formulates and manufacture specialised automotive care products that cannot be found elsewhere.

03 Sep 2019

In the recent years, car detailing shops seem to be sprouting up left and right, leaving car owners spoilt for choice. Even though Artdeshine operates a detailing workshop locally, its business direction is now focused on the manufacturing of automotive care products.

While most detailing shops pride themselves on the high-quality imported products that they deem are the best in the industry, Artdeshine is a local brand that takes it up to a whole new level by developing and manufacturing their own detailing products, for detailers by detailers.

Artdeshine - from detailing expert to product innovation

Artdeshine's range of automotive care products are manufactured in-house
Founded in 1999, Artdeshine, a grooming and detailing shop was the brainchild of Alfred Yow. Alfred tried out various popular detailing products in the initial years of operating Artdeshine, and one day he had an epiphany - what if he can create his own product, something that can meet his expectations, something that is better than what you can find off the shelves.

Since about eight years ago, Alfred made that into a reality and started developing and manufacturing his own brand of detailing products, from car shampoo to traditional wax and cutting-edge coatings. Artdeshine's product has since penetrated more than 20 areas around the world, including Taiwan, Korea, Chicago, Las Vegas, Mexico, Sydney, Poland and U.K.

Nano Graphene Coating - ultimate protection, deep glossy wet look, water-etching prevention

The Nano Graphene Coating is the result of Artdeshine's extensive research and development on harnessing the benefits of Graphene
Graphene in its simplest form, at just one atom thick is the lightest, strongest and thinnest material known to man. Its excellent properties make it a desirable substance to be incorporated into car coatings. While Graphene might seem perfectly suited for such applications, it is not an easy substance to work with and requires special techniques for it to disperse evenly in a liquid - absolutely required for it to be used effectively as a coating.

Artdeshine is the first automotive care products brand to successfully harness the benefits of Graphene applied as a surface protection coating that exhibits enhanced tensile strength, durability as well as flexibility. Artdeshine's Nano Graphene coating is also extremely capable at reducing heat absorption, the main cause of ugly water-etching spots that ruins the surface of your paint. It is also corrosion and chemical resistant, protecting your paintwork from bird droppings, tree sap, dead bugs and other harsh chemicals.

The Ceramic Metal Oxide coating produces an extremely reflective surface
Unlike the common ceramic coatings, Artdeshine Nano Graphene uses a Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) base which creates a low friction, smooth and abrasion resistant surface, protecting the coating and paint from damages caused during washing and drying. This specially formulated coating achieves an extremely glossy wet look while offering better protection than other form of coatings.

Ceramic Metal Oxide coating - unmistakeable reflectivity

Artdeshine's Ceramic Metal Oxide coating utilises Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) which works as a shield against infrared heat that is emitted by the sun. Additionally, ATO also improves corrosion, chemical as well as enhanced UV resistance.

Apart from the high-tech coatings, Artdeshine also manufactures and sells a wide range of other products
Water-etching spots, discoloration and etching are caused by corrosive substances such as rain water and bird droppings reacting on a weakened surface due to heat. Artdeshine's Ceramic Metal Oxide coating reduces this by deflecting heat away from the paint surface. Apart from ATO, this coating also uses a hybrid base of PDMS and traditional ceramic coating to achieve both the benefits of PDMS as well as a lower cost.

Artdeshine's Ceramic Metal Oxide coating results in an extremely reflective surface, giving that shine you see on brand new cars in the showroom.

Artdeshine's full range of detailing products

Aside from the two high-tech coatings, Artdeshine also offers various other detailing products to suit the needs, requirement and preference of users.
This is Graphene in its raw form, believe it or not, this bottle contains just one gram of the substance
Other products from Artdeshine include their Kotsos Obsidian Wax (self-formulated traditional wax by Artdeshine), Ceramic Paste Wax (similar to ceramic coatings, but in an easy to apply, liquid wax-like form), Graphene Wax, as well as traditional ceramic coatings.

Certified installers - highest quality assured

Products such as ceramic coatings, the Nano Graphene coating as well as Metal Oxide coating require professional application in order to achieve the desired result.

These coatings need to be spread evenly on a paint corrected surface in order to achieve an even colour. The Nano Graphene Coating requires extra attention during application due to its composition. As such, Artdeshine carries out training for their resellers.

Artdeshine's Nano Graphene and Metal Oxide coatings require professional installation
Training for overseas installers are either conducted here in Singapore or at their home country depending on the situation and requirement. Certified installers are presented with an exquisite rose gold certificate in recognition of their techniques. Additionally, there is also a dedicated facility which serves as the regional training centre in Europe.

Looking forward - perpetual innovation

Graphene is still a new and relatively unexplored substance when it comes to surface protection coatings, not only is Artdeshine the first to create a useable Graphene coating, they are actively researching on improving its products.

Moving on, Artdeshine is also researching on the use of Graphene on coatings on solar panels, which are expected to be widely used in the near future as the world shifts towards clean energy generation.

To find out more about the Nano Graphene Coating and various other Artdeshine's specially formulated products, you can head on over to its Facebook page. Artdeshine is located at 7 Soon Lee Street #01-40 iSPACE Singapore (627608). For enquires, Artdeshine can be reached by phone at 8333 8199 / 8128 3734. You can also visit its website, or email them at
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