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One sure fire way impress on a date is to rock up in a car that's out of the ordinary. But which would you choose - coupe or convertible?

14 Aug 2019

Julian: Maturity is a dish best served warm and cosy

The 8 Series Coupe's curvy sheet metal and proud proportions give it a level of unmatched presence
Of course I'll be bringing out a big gun like the BMW 8 Series Coupe for my date. Not the sort of car you were expecting? Well, the Porsche 911 might have finally met its match.

The 8er is such a beauty it could well be shocking. And it might as well be the perfect car for the perfect date, too. Yes, it is an eye-catching car, but at least it's not going to garner the sort of attention from the sort of green-eyed lads that will go cursing behind your back (or front) when they see you pulling up at the lot with a hot date in your left seat.

No, the 8er is more than that. Just its looks alone is enough to tell you the car and its driver mean business. And I'm not just talking about its unflinching lines and fabulously fluent curves at the right places. At over 4.8m long and 1.9m wide, it brings with it a level of unmatched maturity and presence - the sort that will make your date proud to be seen in.

The combination of style and practicality is a highly desirable quality, both in the car and the driver
And believe me, you will too. The 8er is neither going to under-promise nor is it going to under-deliver. If you want a car that can impress not only yourself and envious on-lookers but also your important date, the 8 Series simply can't go wrong.

Think about it… While the carmaker bearing the three-numbered signature moniker has been class-leading, it has rear seats that will fit toddlers at best. The Bimmer, on the other hand, offers more rear space, which can impress your date if she decides to bring more baggage than you can handle. 420 litres is what you'll get, but with the spacious rear seats, you could even offer to take her younger brother out, which will impress her mighty.

Highlighting one's maturity and thoughful generiosity is key to impressing my date, and the 8 Series achieves that effortlessly
She may not love you 3000 instantly, but you know you're going to get there when you display the sort of generosity with her family. And that's key because loving your partner requires loving whoever she loves. In return, you know the 8er is going to be well-loved by her too.

So there you have it. From the way you dress and the car you pick her up in to the way you carry yourself and treat her, nothing is more attractive to a woman than a guy who knows a thing or two about maturity.

And with the BMW 8 Series Coupe, it's half the battle won.

Desmond: Embracing my exuberant 20s by keeping things cool and breezy

The Z4 is bursting with youthful exuberance and fun-loving personality
I hate to admit it, but I'm creeping steadily towards the big three-O. It's all downhill after 30, right? That's what I've been told. A lot.

As I live out the last of my 20s, each day (and date) is about maximising the here and now. It's about being carefree, having a laugh, and not worrying too much about the more serious things in life. After all, there is all of the 30s (and after) for that.

It's for this reason that the Z4 is the best car to rock up in for a date. It's a vibrant and exuberant roadster that's definitely bursting with youthful character. There's no denying the car's instantly head-turning looks - not just an impressive ride to pick her up in, but sure to attract envious stares from onlookers as well.

A day out at the beach is best complemented by a wind-swept ride in a convertible
The Z4's beauty isn't skin deep, either. Slide inside and the cabin is no slouch - packed with the latest technology and equipment, there's no doubt that she's going to impressed by the classiness of the vehicle (and hopefully me by association, too).

And of course, most importantly, it's a convertible! I mean, who doesn't love a convertible? It’s certainly something different, unique and special, capable of delivering a passenger experience unlike any other.

Admittedly, it may not be the most practical car in the world, but that's sort of the point, right? As a strict two-seater, it's all about her and me. You call that selfish, I call that commitment.

A unicorn is a girl's best friend. That's a thing, right? 
As a reflection of my carefree personality and lifestyle, the Z4 is the perfect way to impress a date. Yes, Julian will bang on about the importance of maturity and practicality and what not, but there's literally the rest of my life to be all serious and grown up. 

For now, it's all about putting a big smile on her face. Cruising down to the beach, wind-swept hair and setting sun kissing her face, I'm not sure any car but the Z4 can do that.

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