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If there's one car that will see to all of your driving needs, the all new BMW 3 Series might just be that ideal car.

05 Sep 2019

In a perfect world, we'd all want a large garage filled with an assortment of cars fit for all manner of occasions. Lightweight sports car for the track, comfy cruiser for the daily grind, long-legged GT for journeys up North, so on and so forth.  

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. But, if you had to have just one car to fulfil all your needs, what would it be? Well, the new BMW 3 Series is arguably all the car you ever need. Here's why:

1. Style and status befitting of the modern young professional

The 3 Series ranks high on style and classiness
First and foremost, it's a BMW. It's a badge that has compelling cache, and that counts for something. It's classy, premium and projects success and purpose.

Additionally, this new generation model is also sleeker and sportier-looking, a definite plus for the modern young professional.

2. Easy manoeuvrability thanks to compact size

A compact footprint reduces anxiety when parking
Yes, some people like big SUVs for their imposing presence and commanding driving position.

But, for everyday use, having a small compact sedan just makes life easier. You don't have to worry about struggling to fit into tight parallel parking spaces, or fretting about negotiating through crowded carparks. 

3. Driver-friendly technologies to make life easier

Ample safety features ensure a safe drive
The new 3 Series also comes thoroughly equipped with modern technology, such as the new Operating System 7.0 and Intelligent Personal Assistant. 

Practical features like Lane Departure Warning, Parking Assistant and Reversing Assistant makes everyday driving safer, vital to protect the entire family. 

4. Ample daily practicality for the family

The 3 Series will see to the needs of a growing family
The 3 Series is certainly family-friendly, with a comfortable and spacious rear cabin, as well as a large 480-litre boot. 

And of course, it's also future-proof. Whether it's fitting a child seat or shuttling around pubescent teenagers, the 3 Series will accomodate a growing family. 

5. Road-steady, track-ready

The 3 Series delivers best-in-class handling
One of the standout characteristics of the 3 Series is its dynamic capability - smooth power delivery, meaty steering, well-sorted chassis and great balance.

You could probably take it stock to the track and hold your own. But even on normal roads, there's no doubt that the 3 Series is still a car that's fun to drive.

6. Impressive without trying too hard

Extremely well-rounded while still remaining highly civil, the BMW 3 Series is all the car you ever need
The BMW 3 Series is a thoroughly well-rounded compact family sedan, but it still retains a level of understated presence (especially in this Luxury Line trim). It's not overly shouty or pompous. Instead, it's civil, mild-mannered and classy. 

And perhaps most importantly, the 3 Series is a car many of us can realistically aspire to and eventually afford to buy. Because really, it's all the car you would ever need.

Or maybe if the 330i is still a little too steep for your budget, why not consider the 320i? Thankfully we have a handy video review of the car right here!

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