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In the second year of supporting the Charity Bike 'n' Blade cycling event, we got a chance to ride with Skoda to find out how effective its cars are.

31 Oct 2019

It's been two years since Skoda partnered with the Charity Bike 'n' Blade, where volunteers use its fleet as support vehicles.

We've never supported a cycling event before (much less cycle in such an event). Skodas, on the other hand, have had experience since its inception - it was founded as a bicycle company. Plus, it has supported other cycling events such as the Tour de France for 16 years in a row.

In this year's Charity Bike 'n' Blade, six Skodas were dispatched as vehicles for volunteers, ensuring that the cycling event went smoothly. We find out more about the tasks at hand for each Skoda.

Octavia RS245 - The pack leader

Leading the pack is Skoda's powerful Octavia RS245, making sure the climb up Cameron Highlands is executed quickly
With 245bhp and 350Nm of torque, the Octavia RS245 is no slouch. So it makes sense for the car to lead the pack of Skoda's support vehicles for the ride.

Plus, with steep elevation changes of up to 1,400m towards the end point at the top of Cameron Highlands, the RS245 was perfect for windy roads.

Its well-sorted chassis, along with its electronic limited-slip differential meant that the B-road up Cameron wouldn't pose any form of difficulties.

It wasn't short of supplies too. With a significant 590 litres of boot space, the RS245 could too carry food and drinks for the cyclists, as well as spare parts for the bicycles.

Octavia 1.4 - Supply and demand

As the Octavia offers lots of room, it could be tasked to hold not just spare parts and tools, but food and drinks for the cyclists too
Two units of the Octavia were also dispatched to the Charity Bike 'n' Blade. From what we gathered, support vehicles are usually given a single task, such as for bicycle mechanics, or food and beverage supplies.

But thanks to the Octavia's interior proportions, medical supplies, bicycle tools and parts, and even food and drinks can be loaded up. Plus, it was fuel efficient - volunteers mentioned only having to stop for fuel once for the drive up to Ipoh, saving previous time.

This translates to significant assistance as cyclists who needed support did not need to wait for specific vehicles to come by. Any Octavia - or Skoda for that matter - could render assistance.

Superb - The early bird

After completing tasks such as setting up directional signs for the cyclists, the Superb too became a support car like the rest of the Skodas
Of course, with an event such as the Charity Bike 'n' Blade, there is a substantial amount of logistics to be handled. Setting up road signs, directions, and doing a last recce drive of the route had to be done to ensure that the event went smoothly.

Thus, the car of choice was the Superb. With its voluminous amount of boot space of 625 litres, coupled with its long and wide opening, meant signboards could slot right in, without having to come up with 'creative' ways to make sure they fit.

Plus, it offers a pretty comfortable ride, making it a great companion for the trip up from Singapore to Cameron Highlands.

Kodiaq - Watching over everyone

The task of keeping the pack together was given to the Kodiaq, with its commandeering view of the road
In convoys, the sweeper has to keep the pack together. It is hard enough for cars, but what about cyclists?

Making sure that no one gets left behind without support, the seven-seater Skoda Kodiaq SUV, with its raised height compared to the sedans, offers better visibility for the volunteers to spot the cyclists.

Its raised proportions also offer volunteers a direct line of sight to cyclists, offering a much easier way to communicate without craning their necks. With roof rails and racks fitted, it could pick up bicycles and riders alike, too.

With its high levels of practicality and dependability, it is no surprise that Skodas have always been the preferred choice as support cars. It isn't just for cycling tours, but Skodas have even supported tougher races such as the Dakar rally with the Kodiaq.

To check out more on Skoda's passion for cycling, check out its dedicated cycling website, WeLoveCycling. Check out a short snippet of the action that happened during the Charity Bike 'n' Blade, here.

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