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We check out six different cars that have Bridgestone tyres fitted as standard from the factory, meeting the stringent standards of car manufacturers.

02 Dec 2019

Bridgestone has a wide range of tyres to fit the needs and wants of every car and driver; from economical tyres to all out performance oriented ones. Car manufacturers on the other hand, choose tyres based on specifics, such as rolling resistance for fuel economy and cornering abilities. This is part of the Original Equipment (OE) homologation process that car manufacturers carry out for tyres.

There's a long list of cars that have Bridgestone tyres fitted as standard, meeting the demand of manufacturers. Here are six that we've tested that wear Bridgestone tyres from the factory.

1. Aston Martin DB11

The Aston Martin DB11 sits on Bridgestone POTENZA S007 tyres, specially made for supercars
James Bond likes Aston Martins, and he likes the number 007 too. So it is apt that the Aston Martin DB11 comes as standard with the POTENZA S007.

The latest tyre in the Bridgestone Ultra-High Performance range, it offers all-round improvements in areas of grip, stability and comfort, both in dry and wet conditions.

Aston Martin isn't the only supercar manufacturer that has the POTENZA S007 tyres fitted as standard. Ferrari has them fitted from the factory on the F12berlinetta, too.

2. BMW i3

The ECOPIA tyres come in a special size that is only suited for the BMW i3
Everyone knows about the BMW i3 - it's the brand's successful foray into electrification.

As it is the pinnacle of electrification and efficiency for the brand, it sits on Bridgestone ECOPIA EP500 tyres, known for its efficiency, wet grip and extended wear life. Particularly interesting about the i3 is its tyre size - 155/70/19 - made specific for the BMW i3.

The ECOPIA tyres also come with BMW's Star Mark, which signifies that it passes the stringent tests BMW has set for tyres, designed to specifically match the respective models.

3. Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 comes with the ALENZA 001 fitted from the factory as standard
The fifth generation Toyota RAV4 is back in Singapore, and is one pretty dramatic yet appealing SUV.

When it comes to tyres, the RAV4 sports the ALENZA 001 tyres. These aren't any other tyre, the ALENZA tyres are specific for SUV requirements, and fitted on the RAV4 from the factory.

Catered for the growing premium crossover and SUV market, the ALENZA 001 offers superior levels of comfort, good handling and braking performance and long wear life.

4. Infiniti QX50

The Bridgestone ALENZA 001 tyres are specifically developed to be original equipment on cars like the Infiniti QX50
As we mentioned the qualities of Bridgestone tyres for premium SUVs, Infiniti's mid-size SUV, the QX50, also has the ALENZA fitted as standard.

But the difference is that the ALENZA tyres on the QX50 feature Bridgestone's Run-Flat Technology (RFT). When faced with a puncture, the 001 RFT tyres are able to travel at speeds of up to 80km/h over 80km - more than enough time for you to find a tyre shop to replace the affected tyre if necessary.

It will still offer the benefits of added comfort and performance driving potential, with safety added to the mix when a puncture happens.

5. BMW 3 Series

The POTENZA S001 tyres on the BMW 3 Series are also run-flats, allowing you to drive to the nearest tyre shop when faced with a puncture
The BMW 3 Series is the quintessential premium sedan. It offers comfort and luxury, whilst offering a high level of driving dynamism - traits known for cars from the brand.

To complement these qualities, the 3 Series comes fitted as standard from the factory with the POTENZA S001, Bridgestone's high-performance flagship tyre.

Just like the BMW i3, the POTENZA S001 also feature BMW's Star Mark, as the tyres meet the specifications that BMW expects from tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone.

6. Mazda3 Sedan

The Mazda3 features Bridgestone TURANZA T005A tyres from the factory that offer a safe, comfortable and quiet ride in all road conditions
The Mazda3 might be an affordable family sedan, but it is incredibly stylish and oozes high quality both in the exterior and interior.
The TURANZA T005A tyres fitted then as standard further complement the car, offering an exceptionally comfortable driving experience.

What it offers is reduced noise levels, a more comfortable ride, yet remains safe with shorter stopping distances and better wet performance.

And for a family sedan that is driven on the daily, these are vital qualities that should not be compromised.

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