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With so many dubious dealers out there, Mayfair Motoring buckles the trend with its transparent policies, so its customers can shop with confidence!

26 Nov 2019

With so many pre-owned dealers employing unsavoury business practices out in the market, consumers are right to have poor confidence when shopping for a second-hand car.

Thankfully, there still are dealers such as Mayfair Motoring that prides itself on honest transactions and planning for long-term success, so customers can shop with it in full confidence.

A long and proud history

Since moving into Automobile Megamart, Mayfair Motoring has seen its business continue to grow
Established since 2001 at Commonwealth, Mayfair Motoring has grown from strength to strength. In 2004, it left its original premises in search of a better location, and has based itself in Automobile Megamart ever since.

But that's not the end of its story. Ever since moving, it has seen continued success that has had it acquire more units at Automobile Megamart. Its second unit was purchased in 2008 and just last year, it took an additional third unit from which to conduct its operations!

Building for long-term success

A tightly-knitted family business ensures that there is strong business continuity, so customers know what to expect when they return
The head of Mayfair Motoring, Mr. Mike Wee works closely with his son, Mr. Ben Wee, to ensure that there is continuity in the business, so that their loyal customers can know what to expect whenever they return, and that the business continues to stand by the strong principles that it was built upon.

And what has contributed to Mayfair's success? Mayfair Motoring firstly prides itself on operating on a transparent business model. All customers that shop here will know the prices of the vehicles they are interested in, as Mayfair Motoring does not hide any additional fees or place any awkward clauses within their displayed prices.

Furthermore, it also always aims to clear their stock of vehicles at market prices, and should that market price fall below their purchased price, it is the business, rather than the salespersons that take the hit to their bottom line.

Mayfair Motoring ensures that its salespersons are not under pressure to sell off its stock at unfair prices
This ensures that the individual salespersons are not under any pressure to sell off cars at unfair prices, and that you always will receive a fair market price for your purchase.

Mr. Mike Wee informs us that while this practice does occasionally translate into lost revenue, he would rather suffer losses in order to build on that consumer trust and the long clientele of repeat customers necessary to the firm's long-term success.

Quality accreditation

Mayfair Motoring will only receive CaseTrust accreditation if it maintains a transparent cancellation and refund policy
Mayfair Motoring's strong business principals have allowed it to receive sgCarMart's Premium Dealer Award consecutively for the past eight years, but don't simply take our word for it. Consider also the fact that Mayfair Motoring is a Founding Member of the CaseTrust-SVTA Accreditation Scheme since June of 2009, giving it a full 10 years of accreditation with CaseTrust.

Being accredited by CaseTrust means that Mayfair Motoring is subject to regular checks to ensure that it complies to standards for price transparency.

This is on top of the fact that it must maintain a transparent cancellation and refund policy, as well as a proper complaints resolution procedure, among many other regulations. All of these are very important items that can be absent when you shop at unaccredited dealers and can land you in a lot of trouble should you end up with a lemon.

Mayfair Motoring would also like to take this opportunity to thank its supporters, one of the most important pillars to its success. Anyone who shares this article on their Facebook home page will get to redeem a NETS Cashcard with a stored value of $50 as an additional year-end promotion when they purchase a car from Mayfair Motoring. This offer is only valid until 31 December 2019, so make your way down to their showroom at 61 Ubi Avenue 2, #05-11, #05-14 or #05-16, Singapore (408898) and drive away your dream car now!
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