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Buying a car from Inchcape Pre-owned is risk free and pleasant, thanks to its stringent checks and quality assurance, topped off with premium service standards.

06 Feb 2020

Buying a pre-owned car is akin to walking through a minefield, one wrong step can prove to be a fatal mistake.

Not too long ago a pre-owned car dealer was found guilty of misrepresenting the mileage of a vehicle it sold - unscrupulous dealers manipulate the mileage of a car to increase the perceived value of it. Hence, it is important to purchase a secondhand car from a trusted dealer, which is where Inchcape Pre-owned comes in.

Who is Inchcape Pre-owned?

The pre-owned car arm of Inchcape Singapore caters to the all the needs of car buyers in one location
Inchcape Pre-owned is the pre-owned car arm of Inchcape Singapore, the authorised distributor and retailer for Toyota, Lexus, Hino and Suzuki. It is a partnership between Inchcape Singapore and Otopac Motors, which is a collaborative effort from established tyre distributor Binter, automotive solutions provider Ricardo Group, and financial institution Phillip Capital.

This strategic collaboration lends the expertise of each party involved to create a complete support system for consumers from the vehicle selection process to post aftersales care. Inchcape Pre-owned is able to cater to all the needs of car buyers within a single location and organisation.

Inchcape Pre-owned is not like any other dealers, here's why

Inchcape Pre-owned has a facility that can hold around 100 cars in its inventory!
As the pre-owned car arm of an authorized distributor of major brands, you can be sure that the cars offered at Inchcape Pre-owned are of top condition and quality.

Buying a car from Inchcape Pre-owned is also vastly different from other pre-owned car dealers, with its combined expertise and resources, it is able to assist in all aspects of your car buying and ownership experience - much like purchasing a brand new car from the authorized dealer.

The trade-in process of a customer's existing unit is also carried out with the utmost efficiency to ensure a smooth handover.

Buying from Inchcape Pre-owned is risk-free and enjoyable, thanks to its six promises
All financing needs during purchase can also be met without the need to engage a third party as Inchcape Pre-owned offers competitive rates and flexible loan plans through all major banks, finance institutes or through its in-house loan plans.

Similarly, it also works with all major insurance companies to cater to your coverage needs. For customers that purchase a non-Toyota pre-owned model, aftersales service will be supported by Otopac's in-house Pit and Go workshop, a service concept by the Toyota group of companies consisting of Toyota Tsusho, Aisin and Denso.

Should you want further peace of mind, Inchcape Pre-owned also offers an optional extended warranty program to protect your car from unexpected mechanical breakdowns.

Purchase an Inchape Pre-owned car to enjoy the highest level of quality assurance

The cars offered have their wear and tear and major components repaired for peace of mind
Inchcape Pre-owned delivers superior pre-owned cars that are synonymous with quality, durability and reliability. You can shop for a car without worries as Inchcape Pre-owned adheres to six promises - reliability you expect from Inchcape, durability you can trust, 160-point quality assurance inspection, no tampering of mileage, quality engineering and 100% peace of mind.

Inchcape Pre-owned curates the prime quality cars that have been traded in at Inchcape before placing them through a comprehensive refurbishment program. Wear and tear or repairs of major components are completed with only OEM-approved parts to ensure quality of cars for sale.

Buying a car at Inchcape Pre-owned is an intimate process,  much like purchasing a brand new car!
You will find complete transparency at Inchcape Pre-owned - there is absolutely no mileage tampering.

The Inchcape Pre-owned experience

Each available car is listed on Inchcape Pre-owned's website and on its sgCarMart dealer page with clear photos and descriptions, including its price, number of owners, mileage and required upfront payment.

Once you see a car that you like, you can proceed to make an arrangement with its sales executives, who will arrange a viewing at its custom built delivery suite. These delivery suites, unique to Inchcape Pre-owned, are equipped with air-conditioning and exhaust fans, allowing you to view, test and experience the car in a comfortable environment.

Custom built delivery suites provide a comfortable place for customers to check out the cars
When collecting the car, you can take your time to check through the car thoroughly, with an intimate car handover experience - much like purchasing a new car!

When you purchase a car from Inchcape Pre-owned, your experience does not simply end at the point you drive the car off its lot. Should you encounter any issues that arise after you have bought the car, it will assist you to resolve the problem. In fact Inchcape-Pre-owned aims to be by your side, catering to your car's servicing needs, wear and tear replacement such as tyres and batteries, throughout your entire motoring lifespan.

Inchcape Pre-owned is located at 7 Chang Charn Road, Singapore (159636). To find out more about Inchcape Pre-owned and its list of cars for sale, you can check out its website here, or contact it at 6303 6303.

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