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CL Leasing handles the difficulties of maintaining a car for you, so you can enjoy a truly worry-free leasing experience!

16 Jan 2020

Owning a car comes with a multitude of conveniences but can also add unpredictable breakdowns and troublesome servicing trips into your schedule.

Thankfully, CL Leasing offers an attractive third option that seeks to give you all the benefits of having your own car, while cutting down on the related hassles.

A young fleet of vehicles

CL Leasing's fleet of young cars ensures that your breakdown risk is minimal, and that you have an enjoyable drive
For those that do not have the upfront funds to afford a new car, and do not want to deal with the unpredictability of buying second hand, CL Leasing offers a unique solution with its leasing schemes. By leasing instead of outright purchasing a car, CL leasing seeks to bring down your upfront cost of car ownership and make motoring more accessible for everyone.

But what makes CL leasing truly unique amongst other leasing options is its insistence on leasing out a fleet that only comprises of young vehicles. By doing so, CL Leasing adds predictability to your transport plans by cutting down on the risk of breakdowns.

Cars available to lease for example, start from the popular Toyota Vios, with daily prices starting from as low as $70. While those looking for something a liitle more upmarket can even get their hands on popular premium models such as the Mercedes-Benz GLC and the BMW X3 all from CL Leasing!

Another benefit to leasing from CL leasing is the added predicitiability to your monthly expenses. CL Leasing handles all the car related expenses, including your road tax, and also handles the sourcing of your car's insurance and the financing of your premium, so you only have one predictable monthly expense every month. But that's not all. CL Leasing additionally covers the expense of replacing regular wear items on your car, from batteries, and tyres to wiper blades and even items such as belts, head lights and auxillary light bulbs, delivering you a truly carefree ownership experience.

Worry-free driving

CL Leasing's team will ensure you have a smooth leasing experience, be it sorting out your insurance or arranging for vehicle servicing
Even if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a vehicle failure with your new car, there is no need to worry. CL Leasing already has it all sorted out with its one-stop call number for all issues.

Worry not about becoming stranded with a broken-down car, as CL Leasing's hotline will provide tow and rescue within an hour, while it will also do what it can to put you back into a replacement vehicle within the next one or two hours.

But better still, those that lease with CL Leasing need not even keep track of the car's servicing schedule. Any servicing needs for the car you lease will be kept track of by CL Leasing's own operations team, so you as a lessee will always receive timely reminders of when your car will need to return to the workshop. Replacement vehicles are provided throughout the time that your car spends at the workshop, and a vehicle pickup and drop-off can at your preferred location even be arranged!

Easy access

Quotations for cars are easy and quick to obtain from CL Leasing
CL Leasing is serious about providing easy mobility for all. Lesees of all sorts are welcome, even if they only currently hold an International Licence, and even those new to the world of motoring are welcome, with those only holding a P-Plate still able to lease from the firm.

Whether your're looking for a car for personal use or a corporate lessee, quotations are also easy to obtain, with an online portal from which you need only enter your particulars and the estimated lease period in order to obtain a prospective price for your selected vehicle. Corporate entities even get to arrange for a doorstep viewing of their chosen car!

For a truly trouble-free experience, swing down to CL Leasing at 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, #04-57 WCEGA Plaza, Singapore (658064) to check what's on offer, or request for an online quotation here!

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