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With its commitment to honesty, transparency and quality, Prem Brothers Engineering and Motor Works is a workshop you can trust with your automotive needs.

13 Feb 2020

Wear and tear is an inevitable outcome of regular vehicle usage. This is especially true for commercial and fleet vehicles, which often experience much higher usage than your typical private passenger vehicle. 

Therefore, it is important for such vehicle owners and drivers to have a dependable and trusted workshop that can deal with all of their maintenance and servicing needs. And for over 26 years, Prem Brothers Engineering And Motor Works has been that trusted service provider. 

Skill and excellence

The workshop is well-equipped to cater to the needs of both passenger and commercial vehicles
Prem Brothers began with very humble beginnings, first started as a small workshop located within a petrol station. Over the past 26 years, the workshop has steadily grown its businesses and expanded its capabilities and capacity, and is now situated in a comfortably-sized compound at 138 Woodlands Industrial Park.

With modern, up-to-date equipment and highly skilled mechanics, Prem Brothers is well-equipped to cater to the needs of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The current compound, with its exceptionally high roof clearance, makes it extra conducive to deal with large commercial vehicles, such as lorries with built-in cranes or large cab trucks.

Of course, the company is continually looking to upgrade the skills of its technicians to tackle the changing demands of the automotive market. This is especially so with new car types such as hybrid and electric cars. Beyond new skills training of the technicians, the company has also invested in new equipment as well. 

Family spirit

The company believes in quality service and pricing transparency
What sets Prem Brothers apart is the way the company embraces its customers, and treats them as close friends and family. The sincere and friendly customer service has seen regular customers coming back to the workshop year after year. Indeed, the staff have even watched some customers' children grow up.

Part of this sense of 'family' is the honest and straightforward away that Prem Brothers deal with its customers. Especially for commercial vehicle drivers, the company recognises that budget constraints and cost sensitivity is a key factor.

As such, the company believes in being highly transparent with its customers - offering a clear and transparent no-obligation quote, and advising the customer on the best way to proceed. The company places trust in its quality of service, and tries its best to also keep pricing consistent over time, especially for its long-time customers.

Especially for commercial vehicles, it is important to deliver the right solution at the appropriate price
Of course, the mechanics will advise on the vital and crucial work that needs to be done to ensure the mechanical safety of the vehicle. Other detected faults will also be highlighted, but the customer ultimately can choose how to proceed.

The company believes in the importance of practicality as well, and provides the necessary and specific service that the customer asks for. Ultimately, it's about providing the customer with the right solution at the appropriate price.

A helping hand

Prem Brothers' stellar customer service also stems its value-added services. For example, the company will provide pick-up and drop-off services within the Woodlands vicinity. Also, with its long experience dealing with fleet vehicles and commercial vehicles, the company also advises small business on fleet management as well.

Prem Brothers also joined with its key partner, OWS, to partake in social initiatives
Also, the company partakes in social initiatives, and believes in doing what it can to help. In the past year, it was joined with its key partner, OWS, to support an ice cream giveaway for the Singapore Children's Society. Prem Brothers will continue to be active in social initiatives, as the company believes that giving back to society is a must.

So, whether you are a passenger vehicle driver, commercial vehicle driver or perhaps even a fleet owner looking for frank opinions and practical solutions, Prem Brothers will certainly deliver a trusted, familiar and stellar service.

Prem Brothers is located at 138 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 Singapore (757856), and is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00am to 6:00pm. To find out more about Prem Brothers Engineering And Motor Works, you can call 6368 2683 or visit its Facebook page here.

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