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Volkswagen Group Singapore ensures the highest customer satisfaction and peace of mind when you purchase a pre-owned car from Das WeltAuto.

01 Oct 2020

If we told you that you can get a brand new car for the price of a used one, we would be lying to you. But what if there is something that comes really close? These days, there are pre-owned car dealers that can give you the full new car buying experience, complete with quality customer service in a pretty showroom, as well as peace of mind when purchasing a used car - one that feels and drives like new!

One such dealer is Das WeltAuto.

Looking for a pre-owned Volkswagen or SKODA?

If you are looking for a pre-owned Volkswagen or SKODA, Das WeltAuto is the place to be
Launched back in 2014 in Singapore, Das WeltAuto is the official pre-owned car division of Volkswagen Group. It is designed to offer the same exceptional level of experience that new car buyers enjoy, to pre-owned car buyers, ensuring complete purchase confidence.

Das WeltAuto is directly owned and managed by Volkswagen Group Singapore. It offers the largest range of certified pre-owned Volkswagen and SKODA cars in Singapore, with the highest quality assurance you can find - there is simply no better place to shop for these cars.

Showroom-fresh quality pre-owned cars

All cars go through a thorough 115-point check, with all necessary parts replaced
All cars at Das WeltAuto are thoroughly inspected by Volkswagen Group Singapore's certified technicians. A thorough 115-point check is conducted on all cars, and all necessary parts are replaced with 100% original Volkswagen or SKODA parts respectively. The cars are then refurbished at in-house workshops with 100% original paint before they reach the showroom floors. Cars of other makes are also available at Das WeltAuto, and these cars are only sent to authorised agents (not third party workshops) with the same policies on repairs.

You can be assured that the car you are eyeing at Das WeltAuto is structurally sound - cars that have been involved in serious accidents and have structural damage will not be sold here. Additionally, all cars sold at here are less than six years old. In fact, the average age of vehicles sold here is about two years old.

New car buying experience

There are no hidden costs and surprises at Das WeltAuto - all costs will be explained to you in detail
Buying a car at Das WeltAuto is really akin to the experience you would expect when buying a brand new car - you will experience Volkswagen Group Singapore's standardised process from the browsing of cars at the showroom, to the purchase, as well as aftersales services.

To provide a seamless car-buying process, Das WeltAuto also provides full financing and leasing options as well as insurance. Taking things up a notch, Das WeltAuto also works with reputable appraisers to ensure an attractive trade-in offer for your existing car.

Much like purchasing a brand new car, you will also get to enjoy aftersales support and services here. Buying a car at Das WeltAuto is a crystal-clear process with no surprises. There are no hidden costs such as additional administrative fees - all costs will be explained in detail during your interaction with its sales representative.

Enjoy peace of mind with Das WeltAuto

All cars purchased from Das WeltAuto comes with at least one-year warranty
Located right next to the Volkswagen and SKODA Centre Singapore, this arrangement consolidates the group's brands and allows Das WeltAuto to work closely with the various departments to offer highly competitive trade-in deals and full-fledged aftersales support to its customers. Car buyers also enjoy peace of mind as all vehicles purchased from Das WeltAuto come with a minimum one-year warranty as well as 24/7 roadside assistance islandwide.

It is no wonder that Das WeltAuto has been recognised by sgCarMart as a Premium Dealer. To qualify for this award, the dealer has to be in the car trading industry for more than five years with a clean complaint record. On top of that, this award is given only to the top 30 companies in the used car industry here.

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