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Autoglym CARBON SHIELD is an ultra-durable exterior and interior coating for your car that is now available here in Singapore.

15 May 2020

The name Autoglym is synonymous with automotive car care products. From big billboards to supermarket aisles, it is certainly a name you've seen or heard before - if you know cars, you know Autoglym.

Autoglym's CARBON SHIELD is a complete vehicle protection system that is professionally applied to your car's paintwork, upholstery and glass.

The Autoglym story

Autoglym's car care products are perhaps the most recognised in the business
Autoglym is a name that many know. It is a brand that didn't appear out of thin air. In fact, Autoglym has been around for a long time - 54 years in total.

Proudly formulated and developed in the U.K., its products are used worldwide on the most desirable and rarest cars.

Now, it has over 50 products, ranging from car shampoos and polishing to waxing, tools and accessories.

Autoglym also holds two Royal Warrants to care and maintain the vehicles of The Queen of England and The Prince of Wales too. It is the only detailing company that is trusted to ensure the cars of royalty are always gleaming.

Autoglym's UHD Ceramic Coating package is formulated for easy application on painted surfaces
Some popular products from Autoglym include its Super Resin Polish, and Leather Care Balm and Cleaner.

In 2020, Autoglym will be adding a new product to its range from years of development, called Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating.

Also known as UHD Ceramic Coating in short, the new product by Autoglym will provide an unrivalled level of gloss for your car's paintwork.

The Autoglym UHD Ceramic Coating consists of the UHD Preperation and the UHD Ceramic Coating itself. A kit is also available, equipping you with the perfect tools to allow for the coating to bond with your car's paint surface, which ensures an immaculate finish for up to 12 months.

The CARBON SHIELD experience

CARBON SHIELD is a result of years of research and development by Autoglym
CARBON SHIELD is a new paint protection coating package by Autoglym, formulated from its years of experience protecting and grooming cars.

It is a complete package that covers all aspects of paintwork, for all external and internal surfaces.

Its unique coating formula ensures a deep gloss and maximum resistance to extreme weather conditions such as Singapore's hot, tropical and unpredictable climate.

Applied on exterior paint, plastic surfaces and windows, it creates a tough barrier against the elements with hydrophobic properties.

Complete interior protection

CARBON SHIELD offers hydrophobic properties to protect interior fabric materials, down to even the carpets of a car
When you buy a grooming package elsewhere, it probably just means your interior will be cleaned up and vacuumed down. But in actuality, interior panels should not just be cleaned up, but protected too.

Well, it isn't just a wipe down when it comes to car interiors with Autoglym's CARBON SHIELD.

Autoglym's CARBON SHIELD protection extends to interior panels, seat fabrics and carpets too. Every strand of the car's fabric is coated with CARBON SHIELD's interior treatment, creating a protective barrier.

Once applied, hydrophobic properties are also present, which means your interior will be protected from spills and dirt, too.  

Easy maintenance

Lock in your immaculate looking paint with CARBON SHIELD - which also comes with a one-year warranty against defects
You know that Autoglym is confident in its products, as the CARBON SHIELD package comes with a one-year warranty against defects, such as colour fading or noticeable deterioration of the car's paint.

And when caring for your car on your own, Autoglym also provides a complimentary CARBON SHIELD aftercare collection pack.

It comes in a neat handy bag with everything you need - with the exception of water, of course.

The protection pack consists of Autoglym's top-selling products for exterior care, including its Bodywork Shampoo and Aqua Wax kit which comes with microfibre cloths. Plus, for interior care - the Interior Shampoo and Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre.

If you ever end up with those pesky bird droppings, Autoglym's kit has got you covered. Provided too are Bird Dropping Wipes, which ensures the removal of mess without damaging your paint.

Complete guidance

Deeply passionate about car detailing, Karl provides training to Autoglym's distributors around the world
While the correct products are ideal for proper paint protection, the abilities of the detailers are just as important. With different climates and paintwork, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Hence, Autoglym's support extends not just by giving distributorship rights, but also, technical support. This is where Karl Heath, International Technical Services Manager of Autoglym U.K., comes in. He was in Singapore to provide training to the team here.

From preparing and protecting, Karl extends his experience and passion from years of grooming and protecting cars for Autoglym customers around the world.

Autoglym always maintains a level of communication with its distributors, to provide feedback for its techniques and products to suit different climates in different markets

With its long history and abilities when it comes to caring for cars, your car will definitely be in safe hands when you send it to Autoglym
With it, Autoglym ensures that the products used around the world are of top quality, with a professional team to handle your car with care.

And with Autoglym's strong support for its dealers around the world, trusting your car with Autoglym's Professional Detailing Centres ensures your car is properly protected - without any compromise.

Autoglym's CARBON SHIELD is now available at Autoglym Professional Detailing Centres, located in Bukit Timah, Leng Kee, Tanjong Penjuru, Toa Payoh and Ubi.

Autoglym products and service packages are also available for purchase online from its official stores on Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10.

To make your appointment or find out more, you can check out Autoglym Singapore's official Facebook page, here.

Product Information

Autoglym Carbon Shield Coating

Grooming Rate 


$348 - $888



Car GroomingCar Polish



A collection of ultra-durable coatings and vehicle appearance maintenance products.

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