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With new initiatives to ensure customer safety and satisfaction, Ducati looks to continue its success here in Singapore.

30 Jun 2020

Wearnes Automotive in the midst of revamping its new Ducati Singapore showroom earlier this year when Circuit Breaker measures were put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic here in Singapore. As a result, renovations were delayed, and the official reopening of the showroom has been pushed back. 

Now, as business operations resume across multiple sectors in Singapore, Ducati's operations in Singapore has resumed as well. We speak to Mr. Marco Biondi, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Asia Pacific markets, to learn more about how Ducati is coping with the current challenges, and what impact this will have for the future. 

Restarting sales

Mr. Biondi emphasises that the 'Ducati Cares' program is key to ensuring the safety of showroom visitors
Expectedly, Ducati has seen sales affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand's Italian plant was forced to interrupt production for a while, but its Thailand operations have continued without interruption. Even so, "in markets where we have seen major lockdown, sales have come to a stop in these months,” says Mr. Biondi.

As sales now resume, Ducati is instituting the 'Ducati Cares' program, an exclusive safety program that describes the behaviour and guidelines adopted so that customers can feel serene when returning to visit their trusted dealer. Clear guidelines, governing customer interaction and precautionary measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of showroom visitors. 

Igniting passion

DRE programs offer owners a one-of-its-kind experiential ride events
Customers can continue to look forward to ample opportunities with the Ducati brand here in Singapore.

As Mr. Biondi tells us, "Biking here is a passion and not about a simple commute. The two-wheeler market in Singapore is important to us and is growing at an interesting rate. We see great potential in the Singapore market and are gradually moving ahead with product expansion plans that will see us grow."

Beyond new products, such as the recently launched Superleggera V4, customers can also expect exciting experiential activities. "Apart from the dealerships, we have been focusing on bringing the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) to Singapore - one-of-its-kind experiential ride events for Ducati owners. The idea is to give a luxury motorcycling experience to our customers while delivering the best-looking Italian design and tech-laden motorcycles," says Mr. Biondi.

Customers can become better riders and explore the full capabilities of Ducati bikes with the DRE programs
These programs also aim to capture younger generations of riders who aspire to the best experiences of owning a Ducati motorcycle, enabling them to become a better rider, experience the unique engaging activities, and full capabilities of the bikes.

Reaching ahead

Yet, Mr. Biondi remains optimistic for the rest of 2020 and beyond. "While the consumer purchase pattern will be affected, we still believe in progressive growth. We have seen great enthusiasm in riders for our upcoming lineup, which includes the V2 and the Streetfighter, and we hope to see a significant turnaround with their launch," he says.

Ducati will continue with its plans to bring new motorcycles to market
While short-term production has been affected, Mr. Biondi highlights that long-term goals haven't changed. The Bologna factory has recently begun production, and while there will be a certain delay in the timelines and in terms of bringing new motorcycles to the markets, Ducati's plan remains largely the same, he tells us.

Do these plans include an all-electric model? Ducati has partnered with a few brands to develop electric bicycles and scooters, and in fact launched its own E-Mountain Bike lineup in 2019. "While we see some manufacturer moving towards electric motorcycles, I think it's a very wide spectrum of possibilities with positives and negatives. We are really weighing all of the different possibilities, as it's a huge step to bring a full-fledged electric motorcycle to the market," Mr. Biondi highlights.

Production has resumed, with the new Superleggera V4 now rolling out of the Bologna factory
Nonetheless, Ducati's focus continues to be on delivering highly aspirational, emotional and exciting products and experiences.

Mr. Biondi tells us, "Ducati is an aspirational brand - enthusiasts who purchase a Ducati are inspired by the entire ecosystem globally. Therefore, we aim to provide the best Ducati experience possible. Initiatives such as DRE give a holistic experience of what Ducati as a brand is globally, and help a rider connect with the brand and the motorcycle. Even as we grow, our core focus will be to deliver a customer ownership experience consistent with our global standards."
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