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Developed by Toyota Tsusho, a part of the Toyota group, CWORKS products go through strict quality checks, offering both affordability and peace of mind.

21 Jul 2020

Over the years of a car's working lifetime, many consumables are replaced during routine maintenance, be it a minor or major one. These include the battery, engine oil, oil filter, brake pads, belts, coolant as well as wipers, all of which are available from many different brands and sources such as the original manufacturer of the car and the various aftermarket manufacturers.

When we send our cars for servicing, price is usually one of the key deciding factors - with third-party aftermarket parts often offering up to three times lower pricing, it seems like the way to go. What if we told you that not only can you continue to enjoy the low pricing while at the same time, benefit from the high quality and reliability of Original Equipment (OE) parts? It's true, because that's what the CWORKS brand of products are developed for.

CWORKS Certified parts by Toyota Tsusho

CWORKS products are produced to meet high standards while remaining reasonably priced
CWORKS is an original brand created by Toyota Tsusho to offer trusted automotive aftermarket parts that are produced to meet high standards. You might be wondering what Toyota Tsusho is, it is a general trading company within the Toyota Group - yes, the one that makes the reliable cars that we know and love. Apart from automotive businesses, Toyota Tsusho is also involved in various other fields such as infrastructure, chemicals and food.

Developed by a large parent company with a strong automotive background, CWORKS is able to produce aftermarket parts that are not only reliable, of high quality, but also incredibly low-priced to help drivers achieve a pleasant vehicle ownership experience.

The various parts that CWORKS produces includes filters, brake components, fluids, battery, car body parts as well as other general components such as wipers, spark plugs, and various beltings. CWORKS offer products for a wide variety of car models including those of European makes.

CWORKS Long-life batteries

CWORKS Long-life batteries are available in types and sizes to meet the needs of most cars
A car battery is a wear and tear component that is crucial to the reliability of a car - without a working battery, you wouldn't be able to start your car with the turn of a key, or at the press of a button.

Which is why, having battery woes is a frustrating situation that no one wants to get caught up in. With the average battery lifespan being merely a couple of years (depending on the conditions of usage), the cost of replacing a battery can play a significant part in your car maintenance budget.

CWORKS maintenance-free batteries are developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers, to OE specifications. It uses a special calcium alloy and high-purity lead, which offers better performance in high-temperature environments, ensuring minimal lifespan degradation in high-temperature environments.

By suppressing the loss of electrolyte with a two-layer top cover and the use of a highly durable material with excellent electrical characteristics for the electrode plates, a long lifespan is achieved. Additionally, a low-resistance separator is used to prevent short circuits between the electrode plates in the battery to achieve stable starting performance in all environments.

CWORKS batteries are available for most Japanese and European cars, with various sizes as well as AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries that are required by vehicles with start-stop function.

CWORKS Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

CWORKS Fully Synthetic Engine Oil provides not only superior protection, but also exceptional performance
CWORKS Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is formulated for optimal engine performance as well as superior protection against wear and tear to ensure adequate protection and longevity of the engine.

It is developed to provide exceptional performance under high operating temperatures and features fortified cleansing agents to keep your engine clean and free from harmful deposits. CWORKS Fully Synthetic Engine Oil also complies with API SN and ILSAC GF-5 oil specifications.

Various grades and viscosities are available to fit the needs of different cars be it old or new, of Japanese, European or other makes.


With 12 adaptors included, CWORKS wipers are suitable for 95% of cars in the market
CWORKS wipers are engineered in Japan, with optimally angled high-purity natural rubber to apply even pressure against the surface of the windscreen to ensure a clear view for the drivers in the rain.

These wipers offer smooth wiping performance without skipping or any unpleasant sound. Additionally, the frames have been developed with aerodynamics and rigidity in mind.

CWORKS wipers include 12 adaptors to fit 95% of cars in the market, chances are it will fit your car.

To find out more about CWORKS range of products, you can visit its local distributor Toyotsu Binter's website.

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