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Tyrepac houses a plethora of information within one online portal so you can make an informed and assured decision when it comes to your next set of tyres!

20 Aug 2020

Are your current set of tyres looking a little worn? If you're uncertain about which tyres to replace them with, help is now readily at hand.

Registered and headquartered in Singapore, Tyrepac is an online tyre portal from Toyotsu Binter Automotive Parts Pte Ltd, and is Asia's first and largest online tyre portal dedicated to the consumers of Asia.

With tyres from 17 different brands Tyrepac certainly has your neighbourhood tyre shop beat when it comes to options
But why shop from Tyrepac instead of your neighbourhood tyre shop?

Well, the answer is simple: More options. Tyrepac carries a wide variety of tyres from across 17 different brands so you can rest assured that you will be able to find something to your liking regardless of your tyre size.

From performance, track-ready tyres to your economical, fuel-saving eco tyres and everything else in between, you now no longer need to look further than Tyrepac.

Just a few clicks away to get the right tyres

Tyrepac has all the necessary guides for you to find the correct tyre size for your car
So, let's start from the basics.

Even if you know only the absolute minimum when it comes to tyres, there is no need to fear shopping for tyres by yourself.

Tyrepac has its own in-built tyre finder, allowing you to simply enter the tyre width, profile and size in order to find all the available tyres that Tyrepac carries.

And if even that seems difficult, there is no need to worry, as the portal has its own guide to understanding all the numbers you need to find an appropriately sized tyre.

If you're not sure what tyres to get for your car, Tyrepac can make a few recommendations
Simply follow the instructions and enter the same values from your current tyre in order to find a suitable new set!

And if that still seems too complicated for you, there is an additional option to search for a suitable tyre by simply entering your car's make and model year.

Tyrepac will then search from its own database to present to you a list of tyre sizes would have been offered on your car.

Access to comprehensive information and user reviews

All tyres are already sorted according to their type and application, so you can quickly find just what you're looking for despite the vast choices on offer
And if you're looking to try out something new, the tyres on the portal are already conveniently into different segments, so you can search exclusively from tyres designed to maximise comfort, of for those that are designed for tall-riding SUVs, and many other categories in-between.

But even if you lie on the other end of the spectrum and already know which set you want to get, Tyrepac still has plenty to offer.

The tyre portal is filled with writeups from the manufacturers so you can get a better idea of the features within your chosen tyre.

Don't trust the data provided from the manufacturer themselves? Fret not, for Tyrepac also hosts a summary of user submitted ratings and individual reviews are also available for the tyres, allowing you to make comparisons within your shortlisted tyres, and also providing you with greater assurance when making your purchase. 

Tyres delivered to your preferred workshop or installer

Look for the user submitted ratings and individual reviews of the tyres so you can make a more informed choice
Once you have made your purchase, simply opt for your choice of installer, and the tyres will be delivered within two to five working days!

Even here, Tyrepac still ensures that things stay as trouble-free for you as possible.

The fitting charges for each installer are available on the portal, and so are user-submitted reviews of the installers themselves, so you can rest assured that your rims are will taken care of when getting that tyre change.

With a total of 31 installers currently on the site, you are practically guranteed to be able to find one close to your preferred location.

With a total of 31 installers currently on the site, you are practically guranteed to be able to find one close to your preferred location
The prices for all tyres and installation services are also stated on Tyrepac's site itself, so you know exactly how much you will have to pay for each tyre, even if you are mearly window shopping.

Every tyre sold from Tyrepac also comes with a four-year warranty, and you can always return to the origial fitting location for an initial investigation if you encounter any issues with your tyres.

And what if your tyres are not yet worn?

Well, register at the portal so you can receive the latest promotions, or join the community by adding your own reviews and comments on your current tyre, and add to the wealth of knowledge available for your fellow motorists! New promotions on your favourite tyres are also offered every month so make sure you keep checking back to get your hands on the latest deals!

Visit Tyrepac for an easier and more informed shopping experience, or email for further enquiries!

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