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Text | Desmond Chan
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18 August 2020
With the addition of the fully electric iX3, the highly popular BMW X3 model range offers buyers a true power of choice.

Since it was first launched in 2003, the BMW X3 has become an important model within the BMW lineup.

The first generation BMW X3 was launched at a time where crossovers and SUVs were notably less commonplace than they are now. Sharing the same platform as the 3 Series, the X3 offered drivers a more compact alternative to the X5. Fast forward close to two decades,the X3 has become a quintessential sight on our roads.
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Rugged appeal

Part of the X3's appeal is its go-anywhere capabilities. In 2003, BMW introduced its xDrive all-wheel drive system in both the X3 and the X5. Beyond delivering superior traction and stability on tarmac, this also meant that the X3 could tackle all manner of off-road situations. This made it ideal for drivers who needed a car that could traverse any kind of terrain thrown at it.

At the same time, it also ushered in the Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) era for BMW. While the robust and sizeable X5 was the first SAV from BMW, the X3 definitely made the SAV a mainstay for the brand. Due to its nimble and compact nature, the brand has seen many drivers move from a 3 Series to an X3.

And, with each subsequent iteration, the X3 continues to deliver even more daily comfort, practicality and luxury, turning it into a well-rounded car fit for the family.
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Power of choice

Over the years, BMW continued to develop the X3 to deliver even more performance and capability to its customers.

Now, customers have even more choices when it comes to the BMW X3. When the all electric iX3 launches some time next year, BMW X3 customers will have a slew of powertrain choices when it comes to the X3 - petrol, petrol-hybrid and electric.
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Steady going

For the large number of drivers, the petrol engine is likely the most 'traditional' choice. It delivers a familiar driving experience, and is suitable regardless of city driving or long distances.

This is the X3 variant you will most commonly see on our roads. This is no surprise - the X3 delivers plenty of utility and daily usability, all delivered in an entirely fuss-free manner.
City slick

For drivers looking to balance eco-consciousness and peace-of-mind accessibility, BMW also offers a plug-in hybrid option with the X3.

The PHEV delivers additional fuel efficiency compared to the petrol model. The x3 xDrive30e also delivers ample flexibility - the car can run on full electric mode for up to 50km, and up to a top speed of 135km/h. And, if you have access to a charging point, you can further increase your cost savings over time by recharging the car regularly.
Green machine

With the upcoming launch of the iX3, drivers will also have an option of a fully-electric BMW SUV. It delivers an additional choice for drivers who have either already made the switch to electrified vehicles, or are primed to make the switch.

Of course, going for the iX3 is an even easier choice for individuals who have easy access to charging stations either at home or at their workplace. With the iX3, they now have the option of a family-friendly luxury SUV that also caters to their electromobility lifestyle.
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What does this mean for BMW?

The X3 family delivers drivers the full gamut of choices. And, moving forward, we will likely see such wealth of choices even more readily available across the rest of the BMW lineup, as the brand continues to further electrify its model range.

As electrification is the future for the industry, the availability of a fully electric model within the brand's core model lineup speaks to its intentions - to make EVs a mainstay of its product offering moving forward.