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The first ever sgCarMart E-MarkDown with Skoda saw over 500 viewers introduced to the best deals online through an engaging Facebook live session.

04 Sep 2020

Nothing can stop sgCarMart and Skoda from getting the best deals to its members and followers. That is why, in post-pandemic 2020, the first-ever sgCarMart E-MarkDown event was kicked off with a Facebook livestream at the familiar Skoda showroom at 26 Leng Kee Road, hosted by the entertaining duo, Julian and Idris, from sgCarMart's Editorial Team.

If you are familiar with the past sgCarMart and MyCarForum MarkDown events, you will know that it is the one to attend if you are seeking the best deals on any car purchased. The E-MarkDown event does the same, allowing you to enjoy the same great deals and attractive prizes from the comfort and safety of your home, on a virtual livestream.

I don't want to miss any deals! How do I join?

A click is all it takes to RSVP for the next SGCM E-MarkDown!
Getting in on a piece of the action is straightforward and simple. Anyone with a Facebook account can join and view the livestream shared on sgCarMart's Facebook page!

Regular MCF members would have noticed the thread about upcoming sgCarMart and MyCarForum events on the Lite & EZ section, while Facebook users can easily register their interest for the event on sgCarMart and Skoda Singapore's Facebook Page to get a notification when the stream goes live.

Really, there isn't any reason for you to miss the great deals on any sgCarMart events in the future.
Enjoy great deals and prizes from the comfort of your home

You just need your smartphone to tune in from anywhere
With the very real dangers of virus transmission, large social gatherings are no longer feasible. This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the fun banter, informative talks and great deals from sgCarMart events - it has just been moved online for the safety and convenience of everyone.

Now you'll still get to learn all you want to know about the range of fine Skoda cars and find out more about their Simply Clever features from the comfort of your home, with the same friendly hosts to ensure you’ll have an entertaining evening.
Let the show begin!

Idris, Julian and Doggo tell you what's what with the Karoq's Simply Clever design
The first Skoda to be introduced by the dynamic duo is the Octavia. But first, viewers were urged to stay with Julian and Idris throughout the livestream as many attractive prizes were to be given out!

Without "wasting any youth" (as Julian often quotes), the Octavia's enormous boot was put in the spotlight. With 590 litres of boot space, it offers more stowage capacity than larger cars such as the Toyota Camry! True to Skoda's Simply Clever tagline, it comes with a boot net to hold down loose items in the boot, as well as detachable Cargo Fasteners to keep your bags and items in place.

After revealing the special price for the Skoda Octavia, next up was the Karoq. The Skoda Karoq is the perfect SUV for the modern family, complete with a safety belt for your pet dog, keeping it safe without discomfort. Another interesting feature, as demonstrated by Idris, is the VarioFlex seat, which can be folded down, or removed independently without much effort.

Missed the livestream? Fret not, you can still enjoy Julian and Idris' banters and introductions of the cars here.
Great deals and prizes await

You! Yes, you could be the next big winner of the attractive prizes given out!
Excellent deals were revealed at the livestream, with the Octavia Ambition Plus selling at $106,900, and the Octavia Ambition at $99,000, both available for a cool $3,000 off its usual price! Meanwhile the Karoq Ambition is up for grabs at $116,900, down from its usual price of $120,900!

Furthermore, the first 20 commenters who expressed their interest in either car with the comment of 'OCTAVIA NOW' and 'KAROQ NOW', would get a free Apple iPad Pro (worth $1,500) with the purchase of the respective Skoda!

By the end of the evening, a total of 30 lucky winners walked away with $20 grocery vouchers, while three lucky viewers who liked, shared and commented won $100 grocery vouchers each!

Don't want to miss great deals and the chance to win attractive prizes? Make sure to be there at the next sgCarMart E-MarkDown livestream session!

Interested in a Skoda Octavia or Karoq? Be quick! The special prices and gifts are available till this weekend, so be sure to drop a message at Skoda Singapore's Facebook page to indicate your interest! Or better yet, head down now to Skoda Singapore's showroom at 26 Leng Kee Road and experience the Simply Clever Skoda cars yourself!

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