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Audi has unveiled its new flagship all-electric model, and here's six key things you need to know about the new Audi e-tron GT.

17 Feb 2021

Since the Audi e-tron GT Concept premiered at the end of 2018, Audi has promised a new era of electric mobility. And with the e-tron GT making its debut last week, we finally have a full look at this all new model that will be spearheading the brand's electric ambitions.

Here, we highlight key things you need to know about this brand new model.

1. Smart production

The e-tron GT is built using innovative yet sustainable manufacturing processes
The e-tron GT is the first Audi that was designed entirely without physical prototypes, instead using innovative virtual methods. The car is being built in the same small-series production facility as the R8, with the skilled craftsmen supplemented by new digital processes and smart technologies.

Sustainable production is also key. Production uses 100% eco-electricity, while emissions that cannot yet be avoided are compensated with carbon credits. Audi also relies on resource-conserving vehicle manufacturing, avoiding the use of paper and packaging and using closed-loop systems.

2. New platform

The e-tron GT delivers 487km of range, and allows fast DC charging of up to 270kW
The e-tron GT shares the same J1 platform as the Porsche Taycan, so the two cars naturally share a bond. The J1 platform delivers a combination of fast charging capability, ample performance, as well as long range.

In the e-tron GT, the J1 platform delivers 487km of range, made possible by the battery and its net capacity of 85kWh. Its 800V technology enables fast DC charging with an output of up to 270kW. And, depending on the model, the two electric motors can output either 469bhp or 590bhp, which allows the e-tron GT to deliver scintillating performance on demand.  

3. Gran Turismo philosophy

Rear passengers enjoy generous headroom despite the flat roof line
Unlike the Taycan, which prioritises performance and handling, the e-tron GT has long distance comfort and capability as its priority. The passengers in the rear can put their feet in what is known as the foot garage, which allows them to sit in a lower position and enjoy generous headroom despite the flat roof line.

Aeroacoustics is also important. With a noise-insulating glass windshield as standard, optional noise-insulating side and rear windows, and targeted insulation measures throughout the entire body, the e-tron GT delivers top-notch noise insulation and serenity on long drives.

4. Extensive connectivity

The e-tron route planner factors in charging stops when calculating the optimal route
The e-tron GT uses 11 antennas to connect to the outside world. Along with the Audi connect services found on other models, including traffic information online, navigation with Google Earth, and Amazon Alexa, the e-tron GT also features the e-tron route planner.

This supplements the navigation system, and calculates the fastest route with the shortest possible charging stops, and also takes traffic data and the driver's driving profile into account. The e-tron route planner is connected to the car's thermal management, which enables high-speed charging if the driver has selected a powerful DC terminal as the destination in the navigation system. 

5. Sustainable luxury

The e-tron GT is offered with a leather-free design package
The e-tron GT also features a leather-free design package. The interior is instead crafted using sustainable materials. The sport seats are upholstered either with a combination of artificial leather and the Kaskade material, or with a mixture of artificial leather and the microfibre material Dinamica. Recycled materials are used in both cases, including polyester fibres that were made from old plastic bottles, textiles, or residual fibres from selvages.

The floor carpet and floor mats are made from Econyl. This material consists of 100% recycled nylon fibres from production waste, fabric and carpet remnants, or old fishing nets.

6. Future sounds

The e-tron sport sound conveys the work of the electric drive system through synthetic sounds
Unique to the e-tron GT is what Audi calls the e-tron sport sound, a synthetic sound that combines familiar sound patterns with new, futuristic elements to authentically convey the work of the drive system.

Drivers can modulate the sound via Audi drive select. In the 'efficiency' profile, only the AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) is active, which already generates a broader sound than is legally required. The exterior sound becomes fuller and more high-quality in 'comfort' mode. When choosing the 'dynamic' profile, the sound is even more powerful, and the interior sound is added as well.

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