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The BMW M3 is all about power, driver engagement and practicality in a single package, but the M4 Competition is more than just a sensual performance coupe.

30 Mar 2021

Just last week we had the chance to experience the all new BMW M3 Competition in person.

But as with tradition, the coupe version would follow. The new BMW M4 also promises the same performance and corner-carving characteristics found in the M3, but in a two-door coupe package.

The practical side of me would take the M3 in a heartbeat. But there were a few reasons why I found myself liking the M4 Competition quite a bit. Here's why.

1. It has presence

The large kidney grille ensures the strong 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine is always kept cool with fresh flowing air
There's something about how the M4 looks that makes it stand out on the road today.

You have the large kidney grille up front. Love it or hate it, the grille has a certain personality that attracted second glances from other drivers and pedestrians on the road during my time with it.

Plus, the car's bright colour and hunkered down stance enhance its aggressive form, making it a car that's hard to miss on the road.

2. It sits lower and feels better

The M4 Competition looks low and hunkered down and very much represents its performance credentials
BMW says both the M3 and M4 should feel the same, and in many ways they both do. But get behind the wheel of the M4 and get the feeling this is the more focused performance car.

Here, the seat feels lower, and feels a whole lot sportier. It's the sort of car that lets you know just how dynamically sound it is even before you start driving it.

It isn't to say the M3 is any less of a car, but if it's about emotions when you're behind the wheel, which it should be, the M4 Competition scores highly.

3. It is a sharper tool

The M4 feels sharper and more reactive to your inputs, especially in corners
Both cars are supposed to perform and offer similar driving dynamics behind the wheel, since they both share the same platform. Or at least that's what BMW claims.

Interestingly enough, put both cars into the same series of bends and you'll notice the M4 Competition being a tad sharper around corners.

Both cars are undoubtedly excellent corner carvers. However, thanks its lower height and shorter length, the M4 feels tighter and neater and it never lacks grip.

4. Who doesn't like two doors?

When it comes to performance coupes in our market today, there's nothing quite like the M4 Competition
Most people will always associate a sports car with two doors. This isn't necessarily something that we agree with, but it stands true 90% of the time.

If you are spending over $400,000 on a high-performance car, and being seen is your cup of tea when you're out on the road, the M4 Competition will surely guarantee that.

But if you, like us, prefer understatedness, there's always the M3 Comp.

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