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With new digital solutions to enhance customer convenience and safety amidst a pandemic, Mayfair Motoring looks to revolutionise the used car buying process.

07 Jun 2021

Across every sector, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard. With the initial Circuit Breaker in April 2020 and continued measures to prevent community infections, including the most recent Phase Two (Heightened Alert), businesses have seen walk-in traffic fall notably.

As a result, many are turning to digital solutions to continue to keep business moving. And while it may seem quite hard to conduct business digitally for the used car market, Mayfair Motoring has taken significant steps in pioneering a new digital approach.

Doorstep viewing

With Doorstep Viewing, customers can choose a suitable convenient location to view the car, with minimised contact with the salesperson
A key new initiative that Mayfair Motoring has launched is its Doorstep Viewing service. Launched at the end of May 2021, the service is a new offering that allows customers the chance to view any used car at the location of their choice.

Once the customer clicks an sgCarMart ad, a salesperson will reach out to the customer. The salesman will send over a one minute video of the car's exterior and interior, and also arrange for a suitable viewing location and time. On the day of the Doorstep Viewing, the salesman will drive the vehicle down to a place of convenience, and the customer is free to view the car with minimised contact with the salesperson.

This has obvious benefits. Beyond just being more convenient for customers (saving them the hassle of having to travel to the showroom), it is also an added layer of safety especially in the midst of this pandemic. The Doorstep Viewing service helps the customer to minimise potential risk by reducing the need to travel to the showroom. 

All cars are thoroughly disinfected before and after viewings
All cars are also fully disinfected before and after viewings, to ensure the health and safety of all customers. This of course reduces the risk of possible exposure, with the added benefit of the product being brought directly to the customer.

Test drives are also available during the Doorstep Viewing. However, with the new regulations in place, all test drives are conducted on a 1-to-1 basis.

Digital processes

Beyond Doorstep Viewing, Mayfair Motoring has also taken the initiative to fully digitalise the sales process.

All transactions can now be carried out fully paperless
This intiative first kickstarted during the Circuit Breaker in 2020, when the company realised the need to pursue new digital solutions in a bid to better facilitate sales during this period, as well as to future-proof the business as the world goes increasingly digital.

Thus, all transactions are now fully paperless. The sales agreement form is digitally crafted, and sent to the customer via email or whatsapp. Subsequently, using the platform the company has developed, a digital signature is all that is required from the customer. The digital invoice receipt will then also be sent to the customer.

With COVID-19 in mind, this is of course done to minimise contact, allowing the customer the peace of the mind of not having to do an in-person transaction.

The customer will receive a digital invoice receipt to confirm the transaction
And, when the buying process is complete, the transfer of vehicle is immediately done upon receipt of customer payment (which can be done via PayNow, no more need for chequebooks). And as the company is CaseTrust/SVTA accredited, you can be sure that the transactions are conducted with full transparency.

Of course, some buyers may be more hesitant to make a big ticket purchase like a used car without physically conducting multiple viewings and test drives of the car. The Doorstep Viewing service continues to allow customers the opportunity to view and test cars.

Additionally, Mayfair Motoring's cars are all covered by sgCarMart Used Car Warranty. This means that each car undergoes a 188-point inspection, and within the one year warranty period, the warranty covers all labour and part costs of the most expensive components to repair in a car for up to $10,000, with over 100 parts covered.

All cars from Mayfair Motoring are covered by a one year sgCarMart Used Car Warranty
These new digital processes are certainly here to stay. Ben Wee, the head of Mayfair Motoring tells us, "The goal of this initiative is to push through a new way forward for the used car market", additionally highlighting that the company is the first among used-car dealers to fully embrace going digital.

This determination to continually adapt and adopt new digital solutions, even amidst a pandemic that has hit businesses hard, has certainly contributed to the company's continued growth and success. The company has also been thus recognised as a sgCarMart Premium Dealer for nine consecutive years.

To check out what used cars Mayfair Motoring has to offer, as well as to arrange a Doorstep Viewing and find out more information, you can click here. Mayfair Motoring is located at 61 Ubi Ave 2 #05-11/14/16 Automobile Megamart Singapore (408898). You can also call 6479 2220 to find out more.

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