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Want to save money on COE with a CAT A car, but unwilling to sacrifice power? Here are the cars at the ceiling of the CAT A power restriction.

18 Jun 2021

Singapore's car industry is a unique one. In order to curb the population of cars on this small island with limited land space, we have the Certificate Of Entitlement (COE) system. The COEs are split into different categories based on engine capacity and power output, with CAT A being the entry-level category for cars, up to 1.6-litre and 130bhp.

While the bidding system means COE prices fluctuates, CAT A COE is generally the cheapest, and in the most recent bidding exercise, there is a difference of almost $12,000 between CAT A and CAT B. So, if you want to go for a CAT A car to enjoy some savings, why not go for one that makes the maximum allowable power in the category? After all, power is everything, no? Here are the cars that skirts the CAT A horsepower limits.

Prices are accurate as of time of writing. Some images of the cars are of different variants and trim levels.*
Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

Who says a people hauler has to be boring and plain?
Price: $131,999 - $134,999
Fuel consumption: 19.2km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 11.5s
Top speed: 200km/h

The Grand C4 SpaceTourer is a unique seven-seater with an interesting front end. As expected of Citroen cars, it sports a loft-inspired interior that offers best-in-class comfort for all passengers. Fitting for a people hauler, it also features excellent safety features including six airbags.
Honda Grace

Yep, the Honda Grace is the parallel imported version of the City
Price: $88,988 - $96,988 (Parallel Import)
Fuel consumption: 21.8km/L
Horsepower: 130bhp

The Honda Grace is the parallel imported version of the Honda City, while this might be an older model, its hybrid powertrain allows it to achieve an excellent fuel consumption! While it is a compact sedan, it features a spacious interior built with quality materials.
Honda Shuttle

Love the Honda Fit, but require more space? Enter the Honda Shuttle
Price: $83,988- $100,800 (Parallel Import)
Fuel consumption: 22km/L
Horsepower: 130bhp

Noticed how the Shuttle looks like the Honda Fit? Well, it is in fact derived from the latter, you can think of it as an elongated, compact station wagon version. With the Shuttle you'll get a similar driving experience with more space to boot.
Honda Vezel

The Honda Vezel is a definite Singaporean favourite
Price: $89,800 - $106,988 (Parallel Import)
Fuel consumption: 20km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp

This car needs no introduction. The sheer amount of Honda Vezels on Singapore roads is the best proof of its attractiveness. A good-looking compact crossover that offers great value for money, you can hardly go wrong with a Vezel.
Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

With a futuristic design, the Ioniq sure stands out from the regular cars on the road
Price: $115,999 - $123,999
Fuel consumption: 26.3km/L
Horsepower: 130bhp
0 - 100km/h: 11.1s
Top speed: 185km/h

The Ioniq Hybrid is quite the looker, but more so, its design is modern and futuristic - in line with its hybrid powertrain that sips on fuel while offering quite a fair bit of punch. With 265Nm of torque, you can be assured of a brisk drive.
Hyundai Kona Hybrid

The Kona is a lovely, quirky crossover!
Price: $115,999 - $123,999
Fuel consumption: 23.3km/L
Horsepower: 130bhp
0 - 100km/h: 11.2s
Top speed: 160km/h

With sporty and quirky looks, the Kona Hybrid sure is a distinctive crossover. If you are the type that enjoys some enthusiastic driving, this might be just the car for you. Body roll is well-controlled, while a well-weighted steering wheel inspires confidence - it drives as sportily as it looks.
Kia Niro Hybrid

Equipped with a dual-clutch transmission and hybrid drivetrain, the Niro Hybrid offers great value
Price: $110,999 - $125,999
Fuel consumption: 25km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
Top speed: 164km/h

The Kia Niro is a well-equipped hybrid crossover that is packed with fancy technologies such as a dual-clutch transmission and a hybrid drivetrain that returns amazing fuel economy.
Mercedes-Benz A180 hatch & saloon

The A-Class is available in saloon guise as well and it looks really good!
Price: $161,888 - $166,888
Fuel consumption: 16.9km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 9.2s (saloon 9.3s)
Top speed: 215km/h (saloon 216km/h)

While the A-Class may be an entry-level Mercedes-Benz, it is packed with the same bells and whistles that are expected from the German marque. There's the stylish and fancy interior, along with the impressive MBUX system that will be sure to wow your passengers.
Mercedes-Benz B180

The B-Class isn't what you remember - it looks way sleeker than its predecessor
Price: $164,888
Fuel consumption: 16.9km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 9.4s
Top speed: 212km/h

Wipe that image out of your head, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class is no longer that pudgy MPV that you remember. Instead, it now sports a sleeker silhouette and good looks that remind of the A-Class.
Mercedes-Benz CLA180 & Shooting Brake

The CLA is also available in the Shooting Brake body style
Price: $171,888 - $184,888
Fuel consumption: 16.9km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 9.4s (Shooting Brake 8.4s)
Top speed: 216km/h (Shooting Brake 226km/h)

Mercedes-Benz calls the CLA a coupe even though it has four doors, but hey, with that sleek a silhouette we can't really fault them. The CLA is indeed an aggressive, handsome ride. Oh, and if you have a knack for stationwagon shapes, there's the Shooting Brake as well.
Mercedes-Benz GLA180

The GLA isn't just an A-Class on stilts - it is a good-looking crossover with a spacious interior
Price: $177,888
Fuel consumption: 15.6km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 9.6s
Top speed: 200km/h

While the GLA is still closely related to the A-Class, it is no longer a just a lifted version of the latter. In fact, it is now a handsome crossover that offers bigger space than before. You are treated to the same luxurious interior, with screens powered by the MBUX system.
Mercedes-Benz GLB180

The bold styling of the GLB works wonders
Price: $186,888
Fuel consumption: 16.9km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 9.9s
Top speed: 197km/h

Need something to haul seven people in impeccable style? The GLB is perfect for you! With bold styling that some have likened to the G-Class, the GLB sure puts on one hell of an impression. Looks isn't all that it offers, there’s also ample amount of legroom!
Opel Grandland X

Modest pricing coupled with high equipment levels make it an excellent value for money
Price: $114,500
Fuel consumption: 16.6km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 10.3s
Top speed: 196km/h

The Grandland X is a pleasant crossover with a simple but likeable design. With soft suspension, it offers a ride that is more comfortable than usually expected of raised crossovers. It is also packed with high levels of equipment despite its modest pricing, offering great value.
Peugeot 2008

Despite its compact size, the 2008 is equipped with the same engine in its larger siblings!
Price: $120,888 - $130,888
Fuel consumption: 19.6km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 9.1s
Top speed: 198km/h

The 2008 is Peugeot's compact crossover. It's relatively small size and low weight coupled with an engine that skirts the CAT A COE power limit makes it a breezy ride.
Peugeot 3008

With the latest facelift, the 3008 now has a striking new front end
Price: $125,888 - $144,888
Fuel consumption: 19.2km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 10.9s
Top speed: 188km/h

The 3008, while being around for quite awhile, has recently been facelifted and now sports a striking front end to suit its sleek body shape. With 129bhp, there is no lack of power with the 3008. The fact that there's plenty of torque at low revs makes it even more useable.
Peugeot 5008

The 5008 offers the same striking looks, along with more space
Price: $136,888 - $155,888
Fuel consumption: 19.2km/L
Horsepower: 129bhp
0 - 100km/h: 10.2s
Top speed: 188km/h

Once again, if you need seven seats, you'll have to opt for a larger ride - something like this 5008. The design of the 5008 is in line with the updated 3008 and that's a good thing as both cars look striking.
Renault Captur

Despite being a crossover, the Captur drives as sportily as it looks
Price: $118,999 - $125,999
Fuel consumption: 16.4km/L
Horsepower: 128bhp
0 - 100km/h: 9.6s
Top speed: 193km/h

While the Captur is a crossover, it manages to drive almost like an athletic hatchback. With 128bhp on tap, and rather compactly sized, the Captur offers quite a bit of pep in its drive - enough for most to have some fun in.
Toyota Corolla Altis

The Altis has always be a favourite family sedan here, and the latest iteration brings it up a notch with its sleek metal
Price: $110,888 - $117,888
Fuel consumption: 15.6km/l
Horsepower: 129bhp
Top speed: 190km/h

The Toyota Altis is undoubtedly the quintessential family sedan in Singapore. Not only does this latest generation features much improved looks, it also packs 129bhp - maximising on the CAT A tier.
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