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We debate the merits of the two recently launched Skoda Octavia body styles, and figure out which one we rather have!

18 Jun 2021

Desmond thinks that the Octavia is all the practical family car you'll ever need

I doubt anyone really needs any more than 600-litres of boot space... 
When it comes to a family car, what you want is something that's highly practical, convenient to use and easy to drive. And really, this new generation Octavia sedan is all the car you'll ever need.

Let's start with the space factor. The massive 600-litre boot, accessible via a highly convenient electric liftback tailgate, will swallow anything you can possibly throw at it.

Wheelchair, guitar, even the entirety of my wardrobe, the Octavia's boot will easily accommodate it all. Do you really need more space? I don't think so.

Standard equipment includes wireless Apple CarPlay
Then, I also get a highly accomplished interior. Equipment levels are high, including wireless Apple CarPlay, and there's ample space for five people. I also like that there are many storage compartments.

On the road, I think the sedan is the sweeter car to drive. Being lighter, it feels a little bit more perky on the go. At the same time, the mild-hybrid powertrain makes for a smooth yet efficient journey, coupled with the car's pliant suspension that delivers a highly comfortable ride.

Admittedly, the Combi comes with some additional equipment, especially in the driver assistance systems department, that can be useful.

The Octavia continues to be one of hte best value-for-money cars you can buy
However, this sedan variant is already so well-equipped, and for everyday driving, I don't see myself regularly requiring the additional features.

The truth is, for a long time now I've always thought that the Skoda Octavia was one of the best value-for-money propositions in the market as far as a practical family sedan is concerned.

And with this new fourth generation model, I think this is more true than ever before.

Jeremy feels that the Octavia Combi is an even more complete and versatile option

The Combi is especially handsome when viewed from the rear
Yes, the Skoda Octavia is a hugely capable sedan/fastback and will be adequate for most needs. But the Octavia Combi is an even more enticing option.

For a start, it looks even better than its sedan counterpart, with its longer greenhouse giving it a sleeker profile. It looks especially handsome when viewed from its rear three-quarter angle.

Secondly, as Desmond mentioned, the Combi has several extra features that are not found in the fastback - some of which are really convenient.

The Combi gets the full suite of safety systems
For instance, if my arms were full of groceries, Virtual Pedal, which lets me open the tailgate by performing a kick beneath the rear bumper, would come in handy.

Another key addition is Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, a safety feature that helps prevent mishaps with careless/reckless road users. And Adaptive Cruise Control, while not a must, is still nice to have.

Naturally, the Octavia Combi's biggest advantage over the sedan is its even larger boot volume, which ranges from 640 litres to 1,700 litres.

Beyond just being bigger, the Combi's boot gets added flexiblility with a boot divider and variable floor
But that's not all. To this, the Combi adds a boot space divider and variable floor - further enhancing the car's versatility.

Now, while the Octavia does handle better than the Combi, it is not that huge of an advantage. Perhaps because I'm a decade older than Desmond, I prefer the Combi's more 'mature' disposition.

The Octavia Combi isn't just more enticing than the sedan - it's the more convincing model, too.

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