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With the opening of its second location at Bukit Batok, Singapore's pioneering car-selling platform is extending its reach so that *you* don't get left out.

14 Jan 2022

Smart, calculative, involved or educated - it doesn't matter how you want to construe it, but for a very long time, that sort of driver that wanted to squeeze every last dollar possible when parting with their car knew to drive down to one place to get the job done: The third level of Automobile Megamart in Ubi. 

For close to 15 years, Quotz, Singapore's first ever car bidding platform, has faithfully occupied this space in our island's go-to used car shopping mall, helping car-owners to evaluate and then valuate their cars. Now, it's reaching out to even more drivers. 

A second well-supported location to ensure all car-owners are adequately served

Heads-up: Treasure hidden inside this grey building!
Quotz's second branch is nestled within an unassuming industrial estate in Bukit Batok. We'd tell you this is a mere bus ride from the MRT station but that's irrelevant information for the driver, so to put things into better perspective, an easy 10-ish minute drive is now all it takes for residents in Jurong East or Clementi to get here.

Whereas a trip down to Ubi would previously have required West-siders to carve out an entire day to get their car evaluated, Quotz's new location is promising to reduce that drastically.

An airy and capacious space - featuring this towering Carleo car hoist - awaits on the second level
Just look out for the grey building with the words 'Soil Builders' on the side when you arrive, then drive through the gantry, up the ramp, and all the way down the corridor of the second floor. There, a bright, airy and capacious space - quite unlike the congested workshop scenes you might imagine - awaits.

Much like its current outlet in Ubi, this new space at Bukit Batok features the same qualities that have made Quotz the leading platform for those seeking to sell their used cars. 

Unwind in the lounge with a view of work in progress
Drivers can look forward to patient and attentive service - from the outset (at the point of enquiry via WhatsApp or phone) all the way to the evaluation process, which is handled by a meticulous team of trained mechanics. 

The process is really as simple as it gets. Within less than 45 minutes, an entire list of checks is ticked off like clockwork: An inspection of your car's undercarriage, its paintwork and body panels, its interior, and of course, a test drive with one of the mechanics. Even commercial vehicles with an unladen weight of up to 3500kg are welcome here.

As one waits for this to be completed, a modern and spacious lounge - even featuring a massage chair - also avails itself for you to unwind, catch up on your K-Dramas or settle some work in. (We know what's on all of your minds - rest assured that there's also complimentary WiFi.)
Sell your Car for the Best Price
sgCarMart Quotz can offer you a higher selling price compared to trading in!

Dispelling uncertainty and delays with a transparent process and a lock-in price policy

Bare necessities for car valuation: 188-point inspection and photo-taking
There's a good reason why Quotz has bucked the industry trend and continues to require owners to come down in person as part of the valuation process for their cars: In order for its mechanics to carry out a thorough 188-point inspection and photo-taking. 

In contrast to some of the more hands-off approaches taken in the industry, such a process has been resolutely adhered to because it has proven most effective at sealing an agreement for both motorists and car dealers. 

Examining the paintwork of the car as well as its engine bay are crucial aspects of the process 
This also helps to eliminate one of the most headache-inducing problems that you'd dread to encounter when trying to sell your car. Haggling or low-balling after the deal has apparently been done? Not an issue with Quotz. 

Let us explain: In reality, the car selling process really works best when both you, the driver, as well as the dealer buying your car over, reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. After all, no side ultimately wants to receive the shorter end of the stick.

Achieving this outcome is tricky, but not impossible - and thankfully well within Quotz's wheelhouse. Owing to its long presence in the industry, the roots of its network with car dealers stretch far and wide across more than 500 partners. 

With the guarantee of a thorough inspection, dealers are less likely to back out of an offer
On the one hand, these partners are guaranteed the most accurate understanding of your car with the comprehensiveness of the 188-point inspection, and can determine whether they are genuinely interested to procure it. In other words, you won't receive a dud offer. 

At the same time, Quotz's outsized standing in the industry gives it the ability to hold dealers to the task of committing to the figure presented to you after bidding is complete. You'll even be assured maximum transparency, since you can view the same photos taken of your car that dealers will take reference from. These are almost immediately uploaded to Quotz's website after your trip down.

Only two trips are necessary throughout; the rest is handled by Quotz's customer service team
With everything else settled remotely by Quotz's customer service officers, the only other follow-up appointment you'll have to make is for the actual handing over of the car. (You'll be given a generous grace period of 30 days too to do this.) Encashment is then instant, via iBanking. 

For a procedure that often runs the risk of being unnecessarily drawn out and gnarly - if not out of bad faith, then out of plain disagreement - the experience Quotz has amassed as a middleman doesn't simply guarantee financial returns; it also helps to avoid the wastage of your precious time. Its resolutely personalised service is also not simply welcome, but genuinely necessary for a transaction that bears much weight.

For everyone: West-siders and East-siders; new-car seekers and impending public transport converts 

An extra bit of effort is worth it with something as complex as car valuation - but it's now even more effortless
A misconception often held is that the best option available when buying a new car is to trade your old one in. But that isn't always true. 

In the same manner of simply handing your old car over and letting your new dealer handle the valuation and paperwork, Quotz's team bears the brunt of the necessary work by managing the bidding process from start to end (except for the part where you book an appointment or make an enquiry with them, of course). All one needs to do is sit back and wait for the best offer to surface - which is almost certainly a given. 

As you turn to either a new car or to public transport, the potential of filling your pockets up a little more has always been an option by putting in just a tiny smidge of effort and going through Quotz. Now, with its outlets flanking both the East and West, it's even closer to being effortless.

Psst.. Quotz's branches are open throughout the entire week! (Opening hours are between 9:00am - 7:00pm on weekdays, and 9:30am - 6:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.)

For the East-siders For the West-siders
61 Ubi Ave 2,
Automobile Megamart, #03-12/13
Singapore 408898
2 Bukit Batok Street 23,
Bukit Batok Connection, #02-09
Singapore 659554
(Inspection centre is just on the right side when you drive up to level 3!) (Drive through the gantry, up the winding ramp to Level 2, then all the way down the corridor.)
Tel: 6744 7571 Tel: 6979 7474

Don't worry too if you're feeling a bit shy at the start; feel free to find out more via WhatsApp or SMS at 9191 7571, or through Quotz's website here!
Sell your Car for the Best Price
sgCarMart Quotz can offer you a higher selling price compared to trading in!
  • Highest Price Guaranteed
  • Confirmed price, No reductions
  • Flexible Handover Date

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