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The choice of the perfect car is a tough one and both our resident Editors Julian and Jeremy argue to see which cars are better. The VW Golf or the VW T-Cross?

10 Jun 2022

The Volkswagen Golf has the perfect combination of design, size and functionality, says Julian

I'm a father of two now, with one more on the way. This makes it an extremely daunting task when it comes to my choice of car. It can't be too small, since space is key. But I also don't really want to be driving a car that's too big like an SUV or an MPV - even though they make the most sense for me.

I like my cars nimble, just like the VW Golf here
See, I like my cars compact and/or nimble. It can be a lively sports sedan where form meets function, or an agile hatchback that that put a smile on my face every time I'm on the road . Of course, some will argue that a crossover, then, should be on my list of choices, but why get that when I can look to cars like the Volkswagen Golf?

With the iconic hatchback, not only do I get a decent 148bhp and 250Nm of torque from the energetic 1.5-litre mild hybrid powerplant, which makes for zippy acceleration, I'll get to enjoy better fuel economy thanks to the electric motor and cylinder deactivation technology. Not to mention, the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is just as ultra-smooth and remarkably quick to swop cogs. As such, the Golf presents itself as a car that offers ample refinement and creaminess for my family to ride in comfort without having to waive off any of the driving fun I want and need.

It may be compact, but the Golf can still fit the child seat without taking up much space
More importantly, the kids can seat and fit and enjoy the CoComelon tunes and rhymes while the stroller and bags find their way in the spacious 380-litre boot.

Sure, an MPV like the Volkswagen Touran or the Sharan will certainly provide more space and functionalities like the built-in child seats and three-row benches, but my kids will grow up one day and my love for compact and/or nimble cars will never fade away.

So, yes, as a father of two now, with one more on the way, it is an extremely daunting task when it comes to my choice of car, but I'm pretty sure a timeless-looking car that transcends age and gender like the Volkswagen Golf will do well as my weapon of choice.

The fact that the minimalist cabin embraces the technology with its shift-by-wire knob and digital displays showcases just that. After all, 35 million people have chosen the Volkswagen Golf over the past 48 years. If that doesn't showcase the car's popularity and abilities, nothing else can. Like I said, it is the perfect ride that has the perfect combination of design, size and functionality.

The Volkswagen T-Cross is the ideal crossover for suburbanites with active lifestyles, says Jeremy

Julian and I lead very different lives: He's a soon-to-be father of three with endless work and family commitments, whereas my main responsibilities are to my job and the missus. Between us, it's me who has more time for leisurely pursuits.

The VW T-Cross complements my outdoor lifestyle
Though our lives are very different, Julian and I both need the same thing: A car that not only suits our lifestyle, but complements it, too.

That car for me is the Volkswagen T-Cross. This compact crossover looks like it's ready for an adventure in the urban jungle, with its taller ride height to deal with speed bumps and potholes. It also has a unique design element - it's the only Volkswagen crossover or SUV with C-shaped tail-lights that are 'linked' by a reflective strip.

With the footprint of a supermini, the T-Cross is just the right size for Singapore roads, as it's easy to manoeuvre in built-up areas. That also makes it handy for when my wife wishes to go cafe-hopping on weekends, as the most convenient parking in these places is usually roadside parallel parking. And if the available parking spaces are "just right", the T-Cross' Park Assist function is on hand to help. Apart from performing parallel parking manoeuvres, it can also be activated to get the car out of a tight spot.

A happy wife is a happy life and the VW T-Cross is exactly what makes the wife happy
Though compact, the T-Cross is also plenty practical. Large door bins can accommodate numerous gadgets and loose items, not to mention 1.5-litre PET bottles. Hydration is even more critical these days, no thanks to the scorching weather.

For flexibility, the rear bench can be slid backwards and forwards by 140mm, expanding the boot space from 385 litres to 455 litres. If needed, folding the rear backrests gives you access to the entire 1,281 litres on hand.

The cargo capacity can help in my fitness journey, too. If you enjoy cycling like I do, you won't even have to fold your folding bike to stow it. Just drop the front handlebars and the entire bicycle slides in, maximising convenience.

Great amount of space allows the T-Cross to swallow my bike with absolute ease
A compact crossover should be peppy as well, and the T-Cross' turbocharged 1.0-litre in-line three offers just that, along with lower road tax compared to the Golf. With 114bhp and a meaty 200Nm of torque, the T-Cross feels pretty zippy around town. More importantly, the power delivery is quiet and the ride is polished.

Would I consider a Volkswagen Tiguan since it offers even greater performance, practicality and refinement? It's possible. But I think that the T-Cross, with its stylish looks and youthful vibe, is both more appealing and a better complement to my active lifestyle.

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