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Selling your car shouldn't be such a big deal, but apparently Julian sold his and now he's feeling a sense of freedom... and a tad lost...

21 Jun 2022

I finally sold my car.

It was neither meant to be an act of rebellion nor was I trying to make a statement. Truth is, the family is expanding, and space would become a small issue - according to the missus, at least. I obviously ignored her for a good three months, until she sat me down and did the "hon, we need to talk" thing. Only then did I decide to let go of something that I have been emotionally attached with.

Wait, you sold your car?!?!?

This is essentially the best car I've ever driven
I initially thought I'd be heartbroken, since I've always been in love with my Honda Civic Type R (FD2). I've always considered my car as an extension of who I am, not just for transportation. As a result, I've spent quite a bit of time and money on it just to make sure it looks and feels the best every time I drive it.

Being an automotive journalist for the past 12 years, my job has taught me about the financial disadvantages of owning a car in Singapore, a small country with excellent and affordable public transportation. Yet, despite all that knowledge and all the time I've spent discouraging my friends from buying one, I still held on to my car.

Having to part with this view is a tough job
In fact, because I live near the bus stop as well as an MRT station, there were times I chose to take the bus or the train just to get around.

So why do I even need a car? It was almost like the notion of selling the car that I so treasure generated a strong sense of paranoia that I will never be able to get something good enough to replace it.

Choosing peace over problems

Still, I sold it off anyway. I mean, I must choose my battles. I can't be winning everything and if this can make peace with the missus, I guess I'll do it. Take it from me, when you're married, peace trumps everything else in life. I'm sure even the most stubborn married man would have done the same thing I did.

Believe me, family (wife) comes before the car
Doing the calculations, I sort of realised that letting go of my FD2 would make some financial sense, given how much the car has appreciated over the past couple of years. I considered buying another car, but current car prices have obviously put me off.

It's not like I have a choice, to be frank. I have two kids now, with one more on the way, which also means not having a car would be a terrible idea.

It won't be so bad if I didn't have to bring them out, but because they're rascals whom I need to drain their energy in the day so I can drink in peace at night, Papa will have to bring them out to several places in a day. Oh, and I haven't even touched on the amount of stuff I have to carry when I'm with them...

The aftermath

The cabin of the FD2 is still the best to be in
Anyway, on the day of the handover, I gave my car one last look. It was cleaner than usual, nicer than normal and somehow it drove gentler than before.

Mind you, it was never a gentle car, but that particular Friday my FD2 felt more cultured than coarse. I whispered, "It's been a good ride, buddy. Till the next gig," feeling a little melodramatic and yet ridiculous at the same time.

For some unknown reason, after the signing of papers and all, I felt really good. It was almost like a sense of relief, even though my car never once gave me any problems (I do service my car very regularly and promptly). Taking a train back after, I couldn't be more free.

Ah... the serial number that I will terribly miss
Ah, but I was feeling a tad lost that evening. Not the kind of serious lost like losing someone precious, but more of the kind that just makes you walk around the house aimlessly, not knowing what to do next.

The missus was understanding and nice that evening, seeing how she bought a bottle of single malt for me and left me to my own devices...

How does it feel now?

So the big question now is, "what's next?". In all honesty, I have absolutely no idea. I've viewed a couple of cars already, and I've taken a liking to one, but I've yet to pull the trigger. When I do, I don't think I will be writing about it, and I don't think I will get emotionally attached to it.

This way, if the next car were to ever end up with the whole "hon, we need to talk" thing, I wouldn't feel so lost - because, believe me, if I ever get attached to it, it's going to take more than just a bottle of single malt to appease me.

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