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Carzuno's car subscription service, with its wide range of makes and models, is the superior and hassle-free alternative to owning or leasing a car.

21 Jun 2022

When it comes to getting around, nothing beats the convenience of having your own set of wheels. 

Our public transport system is good, but commuting takes more time than driving. Using an app to hail a ride is a solution, but it still requires you to wait for the vehicle to arrive. It also puts you at the mercy of operators and surge pricing. 

Driving directly from your doorstep to your destination is the quickest way of getting around. It is precisely why most people prefer to drive. 

However, the barriers to car ownership have been growing taller, with record COE premiums driving up the cost of pre-owned cars, too. Leasing a car isn’t that much more affordable either. 

That’s where Carzuno’s car subscription service comes in. 

How does Carzuno's car subscription model work? 

Subscribing to Carzuno is a simple, three-step process, and customers can expect their car to be delivered to their doorstep within 24 hours
The process couldn't be any easier: Choose the vehicle model that suits your needs, sign up, and the car will be delivered to you within 24 hours. 

The sign-up fee is the cost of driving the chosen car model for one month. Carzuno does not require any deposits or fees. Customers can choose to subscribe for one, six, 12 or 24 months. 

During the subscription period, customers only need to pay the monthly fee. As the customer does not own the car, he or she does not need to pay recurring fixed costs such as insurance, road tax and servicing fees. 

Carzuno also offers peace of mind, as 24/7 roadside assistance is part of the subscription, along with courtesy cars to avoid inconvenience. 

Better than leasing 

(L-R) Carzuno founders Amrt Sagar and Andrew Chan
At this point, you might be wondering, "Isn't this the same as leasing a car?" 

Carzuno’s subscription model is similar, but it is not identical to leasing a car. 

When you lease a car, you typically have to put down an additional deposit. Depending on the leasing firm, this could be the equivalent of one, two or even three months' payments. 

Leasing is also less flexible, with many companies requiring at least a 12-month lock-in period. With Carzuno, the minimum subscription period is only one month, making it useful for those who need a short-term drive.  

Apart from the flexible subscription period, Carzuno also has the widest range of models available, which will help ensure that customers can have the car model that actually suits their needs. 

The firm offers everything from small hatchbacks to family saloons like the Toyota Corolla Altis, to luxury continental cars from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

Clients seeking lower running costs can select from a variety of hybrid and electric models, which include the Tesla Model 3. And for those who want something more upmarket, Carzuno even has a Rolls-Royce that you can subscribe to. 

And way better than buying 

The subscription service is a comprehensive one, too, maximising flexibility and convenience while minimising downtime for clients
Carzuno's car subscription service is also better than buying a new or used car, whose prices have skyrocketed no thanks to the current COE premiums.

Acquiring a brand-new car requires a hefty cash down payment. And apart from monthly loan payments, there's still the insurance, road tax and related maintenance costs to take care of. 

For pre-owned cars, the latter point is even more critical, as older vehicles have more wear and tear parts to replace. They usually require more maintenance, too, which means downtime. 

Factor all these in and the costs of owning your own wheels can be quite prohibitive. 

Hassle-free, convenient and flexible 

Carzuno's car subscription service offers drivers newfound mobility and flexibility, with many different makes and models to suit various needs. 

And from now till 31 July 2022, you'll enjoy up to $1,200 off your first subscription by quoting 'SGCARMART' when you sign up! 

So, why wait? Click here to get in and go with Carzuno!

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