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Delivering more than just crisp and clear footage, 70Mai's all-new M500 car camera promises to provide drivers with even more assurance than before.

02 Jul 2022

If the name 70mai isn't familiar to you yet, rest assured that it will be very soon. Founded in the bustling tech scene of Shanghai back in 2016, the combined strength of its software, hardware and product teams has propelled the brand to the forefront of the market for car cameras and other smart car products.

The latest device to arise from the secret laboratories of its tech wizards is this: The M500. Basic car cameras will simply start recording when you turn on the engine, stop recording when you turn it off - and don't do much else in between. That's where 70mai comes in. The latest device to arise from the secret laboratories of its tech wizards is this: The Dashcam M500, a compact but powerful machine of a different breed that even has an app connected to it.

Number one: Flagship specs for a flagship product

The M500's High Dynamic Range automatically adjusts the exposure of the scene for better clarity
Every driver installs an in-car camera for the same reason of wanting to constantly capture what's going on up front. After all, there's no knowing when the sudden necessity to produce evidence arises.

To ensure that detail is captured in full, the 70Mai M500 has a 5-megapixel camera that records in 2592x1944P, which is 2.5 times clearer than 1080P HD. With its 170° Ultrawide Field of View, the camera captures a wide breadth of footage, too, which minimises blind spots.

Adding on to its large F2.0 aperture, the M500's system also relies on what is called a High Dynamic Range (HDR) to automatically adjust the exposure of the scene. This means that even recording while driving through dimly lit roads will be no issue. 

Loop Recording eliminates the need to manually delete older files
Furthermore, the M500's 128GB of built-in storage and Loop Recording function promise to make life easier by eliminating the need to buy a separate memory card and manually delete older files. Loop Recording essentially overwrites older files automatically when storage has been maxed out, but makes sure to retain Emergency Recordings (which we'll get to in just a bit). 

In the unfortunate event of an incident really happening, the M500's in-built GPS and GLONASS will also help to pinpoint exactly where and when the accident unfolded for better accuracy. An added benefit is that drivers will also be review information on their routes after each trip.

You may perhaps be asking now: "How exactly will all this be done?" 

With the camera's in-built WiFi, the wide breadth of information is instantly accessible via the 70Mai app
To answer that, perhaps the best part tying everything together is that information from the M500 can be instantly shared via the 70Mai app, thanks to the camera's in-built WiFi. 

Instead of having to remove a memory card each time, accessing the app provides newfound convenience by allowing the driver to view and download videos straight from their smartphone.

Guess those ROADS.SG/SG Road Vigilante/MyCarForum submissions are going to become a lot easier…

Number two: Combatting carpark hit-and-runs with surveillance when you're away

Paired with a hardware kit, the M500 offers round the clock surveillance for your precious car
With a separate hardware kit added on, the M500 becomes a super-soldier-car-camera of sorts. 

The first feature that it offers is 24-hour surveillance that runs passively in the background after you've parked and left your car. It does so by tapping into your car's power supply even when the engine has been shut off.

A time-lapse style recording compresses 30 minutes of footage into one minute, ensuring that the hours spent sleeping (and away from the car) are captured in full, but also don't take up too much memory space. 

A time-lapse format of recording ensures that memory space is maximised while capturing everything
On the other hand, the M500's built-in G-sensor can detect when there are sudden shakes or collisions, and wakes the camera up instantly so that it can start recording. 

Remember the Emergency Recordings bit mentioned earlier? Footage arising from such incidents gets stored in this folder immediately and doesn't get overwritten. Once you've stepped back into the car, the camera will immediately notify you via the app that an incident has occurred. 

If you're concerned too about the hardware kit draining your car’s battery, the company's infusion of tech will once more be able to allay those fears. Thanks to smart sensors, the hardware kit prevents the car's battery from going flat by only consuming minimum power till it reaches 11.4V - the usual amount of voltage needed to start a car. 

Number three: Enhancing your peace of mind on the road with special alerts

Included within the ADAS are lane departure, forward collision, pedestrian collision, and traffic alert warnings
Car cameras are essentially supposed to give you better peace of mind as you swallow the miles up each day on the road. It is this very essence that the M500 builds on, with its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). 

The ADAS encompasses the full suite including lane departure, forward collision, and pedestrian collision warnings, as well as alerts for when the traffic ahead has started moving - meaning that even drivers of older cars need not feel left behind. By monitoring the car's surroundings, the M500 can warn the driver of potential safety problems through real-time voice alerts. 

Once again, the camera's capabilities can then be enhanced even further. When paired to 70Mai's Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (sold separately), the M500 also morphs into a tire pressure monitoring system which provides voice alerts when it senses abnormal tire pressure. This optimises the driver's safety by allowing prompt and corrective action to be taken.

70Mai's Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors pair seamlessly with the camera and 70Mai app 
Information is fed to the camera via Bluetooth connectivity, offering not just real-time tire pressure but also temperature information to the driver. This is seamlessly done, once more, via the 70mai app. 

Furthermore, drivers need not worry about the durability of the sensors, nor about whether attaching them will affect their car's performance. Each sensor only weighs 13g, with robust batteries that can withstand temperatures between -20°C and 80°C , and last up till two years. 

Altogether: A super car-camera for the modern age

The M500 and its extended capabilities are a reimagination of what a car camera should be 
As the final cherry on top, another benefit to the M500's in-built storage (rather than reliance on external memory cards) is that this reduces the risk of frame-skipping and ensures that crucial split-second details are not lost. 

With its suite of smart features and flagship specifications, the M500 is a reimagination of what a car camera can do it. By providing more assurance and more tech than the car cameras of old, it promises to enhance, yet also simplify the experience of being behind the wheel.

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