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The endless expressways aren't all that Malaysia has to offer drivers, as I've recently found out. There are fun twisty roads to explore as well!

29 Jun 2022

Mention Malaysia to avid drivers and the first couple of things that spring to mind will surely be the reasonably-priced petrol (due to the exchange rate), and the endless stretch of expressways that allow one to really stretch the legs of his car and do some proper highway driving.

As we don't get to drive on extended stretches of expressways on a daily basis, getting the opportunity to do so can be rather refreshing. However, drive long enough and it will start to feel monotonous and rather boring. But there is actually more than just the North-South Highway, as I've experienced on the recent Skoda trip to Kuantan - the b-roads along the East Coast of Malaysia is not just scenic, but fun as well.

A short stretch of expressway and loads of twisty b-roads

Driving on the twisty two-way b-roads is something that you can't experience in Singapore
I get it, we all enjoy getting to drive quicker than usual (Singapore's 90km/h limit is really quite low) on clear, open expressways.

Thankfully, part of the great thing about driving on the East Coast of Malaysia is that you too, have to start off on the expressway before switching over to the twisty b-roads that'll connect from town to town.

This means that you'll get the best of both worlds - before you get too bored of driving on the expressway, you would have transited to the next fun, curvy sections.

Not only are these roads filled with fun bends, the elevation changes are quite something as well
Let's face it, speed aside, the experience of expressway driving is quite similar be it in Malaysia, or in Singapore. With b-roads however, it sure is a unique experience that you can't replicate here.

These are long snaky roads with varying surfaces and changing elevation. You'll get to negotiate turn after turn, and one sweeper after another at mid-high speeds allowing you to truly understand and enjoy your car. I guess that's why Skoda Singapore planned this trip - for us to really get to know the impressive RS cars.

So, if you are looking for something other than just mindless driving in a (relatively) straight line, you should definitely try out a drive along the East Coast of Malaysia.

Get close to nature and enjoy the breathtaking views

Who says you'll have to speed to be having fun? With such scenery, you might even want to go slower to really take it all in
Taking these twisty roads means you can't be driving too quickly, though on such nice curvy roads, you don't really have to go that fast to enjoy the drive.

On such a road trip, it isn't just about the driving experience. Instead, it is a complete sensory experience that even the passengers riding along will be able to enjoy.

Driving slowly on these roads won't be a waste of time, it will instead allow you to have more time to take in the beautiful scenery.

Along the way, you'll get to enjoy roads lined by natural vegetation on either side, a truly breathtaking experience, especially in the early morning when the sun is just rising.

Sandy beaches with a clear sight of the sea is perfect for photoshoots isn't it?
You'll also pass by rubber and palm tree plantations, cut through rural kampungs, small towns where you can grab a quick bite of local delights, and eventually a nice view of the seaside as you get to the coastal roads nearer to the beachside resort at Kuantan.

Of course you can choose to venture up to Terengganu or farther, though this time round our host has chosen Kuantan's Hyatt Regency resort as our destination - a really good choice as I'll find out.

Kuantan's beautiful beachside resort

Just when I thought the roads leading here was scenic... the view at the resort is simply breathtaking!
After almost seven hours of driving on the fun twisty roads, we arrived at the Hyatt Regency Kuantan beachside resort.

While the drive up in these performance cars was thoroughly enjoyable, I've got to say, the view at the resort still managed to pleasantly surprise me.

The recently redecorated resort along the East Coast shoreline is quite the sight to behold. And if you happen to get a sea-facing room (which I did), you'll be staring out at the white sandy beaches and directly at the sea!

Having a front-row view of the sea right from the bed is quite the experience indeed
If you are someone that enjoys a chill and relaxing break from your typically hectic life, planning a drive up to Kuantan can truly be a great way to unwind. 

This was the first time that I got to drive on the East Coast of Malaysia, and it left a deep, positive impression, so much so that I am already thinking of planning a personal drive through these fun twisty roads and taking a break at the beautiful resort that Skoda brought us to.

While I used to only have eyes on taking a break up in the clouds at Genting, it seems that my next road trip will likely be a drive to Kuantan instead.

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