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We look at the lineup of snacks available in Singapore to see which you'd want to take with you on those long journeys!

05 Jul 2022

While we would never recommend eating in a car, a cheeky little snack can sometimes become irresistible during a long drive.

Be it trips up the North-South highway or family holidays in a rental, we rank some of the more popular options here in Singapore based on how well they'd do as in-car bites when you need to have a hand on the steering wheel!

E-Tier: McDonald's Apple Pie

These little things are irresistable, both to you and all the creepy crawlies that want to make your car their home
Flavour and satisfaction factor: Let's get real, these things are irresistible. A doughy pastry surrounding a sweet filling is a pretty unbeatable combo when it comes to satiating those late-night munchies. It doesn't help that they're mighty affordable, and available wherever you can find a McDonalds.

Ease of in-car consumption: Unfortunately, the apple pie has to sit here because of its potential to absolutely wreck your interior. Get that sweet filling on the carpet and your car will turn into a delicious condo for all sorts of creepy crawlies, and that exterior pastry actually has quite a bit of oil - so grabbing the steering wheel after is going to be gross.

Other tips and considerations: Don't do it. Just don't.

D-Tier: Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion

Ruffles have ridges - making them easier to break cleanly if you cannot stuff an entire single chip into your mouth
Flavour and satisfaction factor: Available in 184g bags at a supermarket near you, these little packets pack plenty of sour flavour alongside that typical starchy hit, perfect for keeping you awake and filled up if you're feeling peckish when on the go.

Ease of in-car consumption: Why pick Ruffles over any other brand of chips? Because they have ridges. If you're not the sort that can put entire chips into your mouth, break individual chips along these ridges into smaller pieces to minimise the number of crumbs left behind.

Other tips and considerations: Is space at a premium in the vehicle? If so, you might want to pack something else. These things will require you to ferry a fair bit of air in their packaging for not a lot of chips.

C-Tier: Tyrrells Lightly Sea Salted

Something low on the sodium will mean you don't drink as much water, and can thus keep driving for longer
Flavour and satisfaction factor: Need to get somewhere far away fast? You might want to try these, or any other lightly salted chips for that matter. The lowered sodium content means you mouth won't go as dry after kilometers of snacking. So, you won't have to drink as much water, and the toilet breaks will be less frequent.

Ease of in-car consumption: Opt for a chip made from a more premium brand like these if you want to minimise the crumbs generated from breakage. Or you could just swallow entire chips whole.

Other tips and considerations: As above, if it is a road trip you're planning, do note that these will take up a fair bit of space in the car.

B-Tier: Garrett's Caramel Crisp popcorn

Opt for caramel instead of butter if you don't want to oil up your steering wheel
Flavour and satisfaction factor: We are heading into premium snacking territory here, and for good reason. If you'd rather get a sweet than salty kick out of your driving snack these are highly recommended.

Garretts lays on the caramel thick, and that means you won't need to eat as many pieces to fill yourself up on the go, perfect for keeping both your hands where they belong: On the steering wheel.

Ease of in-car consumption: Popcorn, we reckon, are the perfect alternative to chips for those that don't want to deal with too many crumbs. And getting a premium one like these that will deliver consistently popped kernels are perfect because when you're on the move, there won't be any place for you to throw any unpopped kernels.

Other tips and considerations: Pick caramel because these are going to leave less residue on your fingers than the cheese of butter flavoured ones. Garretts also offers a plain-flavoured option, of course, but do you want that? Really?

A-Tier: A banana

Throwing the peel out the window won't make the car behind you spin out like in the cartoons
Flavour and satisfaction factor: Surely you know what these taste like - become friends with your fruit monger to secure the best bunch.

Ease of in-car consumption: What is there to fault about the banana? They are high in potassium - great for keeping your blood pressure low after you've already eaten too much salty snacks. And they even come with their own packaging that you can peel bit by bit to keep your hands clean.

Other tips and considerations: Always remember to remove any uneaten ones from your car once you arrive at your destination. Especially if it is a hot day out.

S-Tier: Dried fruits and Nuts

They are reasonably healthy, and offer a variety of flavours which gives you something to look forward to on those long and lonely drives
Flavour and satisfaction factor: A selection of dried fruits - but now complemented by energy-dense nuts. You'll also get a different flavour with each munch, which offers some respite from that hypnotic effect of driving on a straight empty road. And these are reasonably healthy as well!

Ease of in-car consumption: If you don't want to get your hands dirty when on the go, these are the best out there.

Other tips and considerations: Opt for those that don't come with powdered sugar or chocolates.

Don't agree with our selection? Want to place your favourite snack up the ranks, or nominate one that ruined you vehicle interior? Tell us in the comment box below!

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