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Editor Julian got himself a new car after selling the love of his life... Now he feels like a brand new man, with a love that has been rekindled...

25 Jul 2022

So I bought a new old car.

It was such a smooth journey for me that I could hardly believe it. I decided to sell my car - an FD2 - a couple of weeks ago for the sake of family expansion. I actually got myself another car the exact day I handed the FD2 over. A Friday.

The stunning new face I see on a daily basis now
Now that I have gotten a new old car - a 2016 Toyota Royal Crown S210 - I feel kind of fresh. Almost like a brand new man of sorts. The batteries have been changed. The sweaty underwear has been replaced. The love has been rekindled.

But, mind you, the love for the FD2 Honda Civic Type R hasn't been forgotten.

Why the Royal Crown?

The FD2 is like the first love. You can hardly forget her. The kisses, the hugs, the innocent promises... ah... but you and I have to realise the fact that I'll have to let her go. Something new, better and fresher will have to take over. And that's the 14th generation Royal Crown, the one and only car that's currently available in the Singapore.

The S210 Crown is a unique vehicle on the road
Perhaps that was why I chose her, you know, being the one and only on this island. It's tough, though, because it seems like all eyes are on her. It's such a unique car that everyone just seems to be staring at the car. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, or it could be just the simple fact that it's a genuinely nice and rare car. Keen eyes from casual observers could be wondering if this is a BMW or perhaps an Audi.

Still, whatever the case, I chose this car because comfort is its priority and it should serve the family well enough beyond complains. You could argue that since the car is rear-wheel driven, the transmission tunnel is a tad too high... But still, it's a Crown. A Crown. Shouldn't that mean something to you?

Does it mean something to your wife and you?

Cabin is a luxurious and premium place to be in
To the missus and myself, of course the car means something to us. The only worry I have is the emotional actuality that I'll be attached to it in a couple more years. That's me. That's my nature. I am naturally attached to people and things once I've spent time with them.

And it isn't exactly an exception with my car. I suspect after spending a few years with the Crown, I'll be emotionally attached to it. It is, after all, a car that's based on the Lexus GS - an all-time favourite. And, mind you, my wife loves the GS too, which means the stamp of approval is as golden as the morning sun.

Quite frankly, a part of me felt lost after I had to let go of my FD2. It wasn't exactly an easy case of letting the car go and forgetting about it the next day, even though I very quickly got the Crown to replace it. But since I've been driving the Toyota a month now, the car has all the feel and finishing of, if I may, a premium luxury car.

Getting a Toyota that feels like a Lexus

2.5-litre V6 engine is an absolute creamy unit
I suppose that's the advantage of getting a full-size upmarket Toyota sedan. It's more affordable than a proper premium carmaker like Lexus, but it has most of the perks of one.

The creamy 2.5-litre V6 is derived from Lexus, for instance, and the cabin is filled with materials and features that are often found in premium makes.

Admittedly, my Royal Crown is a base model, which means I don't get electric benches, ventilated seats or auto-fold for my wing mirrors, but I'm willing to overlook all of that for a drive that's silky smooth enough to cocoon me and my family.

It doesn't come with electric seats, but that's ok
Perhaps it's age, or just the way the car makes me feel, but I'm seldom speeding in this. Instead, I'm doing mostly 80km/h, on the middle lane, minding my own business. In other words, I haven't been fully utilising the 200bhp and 243Nm of torque from the engine, but I know there'll come a time when I will.

That said, I ain't complaining. The Royal Crown makes me feel kind of fresh. Almost like a brand new man of sorts, which is why I believe the love for my S210 will slowly rekindle over time. After all, the sweaty underwear has already been replaced - what more can I expect?

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