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Is your car one of the most Instagrammed one this year? Find out more as we present to you the list of most Instagrammed cars of 2022.

03 Oct 2022

Be it a story, a reel or a picture post, every car nut on planet Earth must have had his or her car posted on Instagram (IG) before. It's the go-to space for all things social media related these days. Admittedly, the platform that was first launched in 2010 may not be as popular and hyped as before, with the rise of another stronger and more engaging social media platform such as TikTok.

That said, millions of posts that are related to cars are uploaded to IG every single day. And it's these very posts that help and inspire us - enthusiasts and car lovers alike - to work towards getting the cars that we grew up loving.

So here are some of the most Instagrammed cars of 2022 (at time of writing). Hopefully, this sacred list will help inspire you to work towards getting your dream car...

10. Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 is a sleek Japanese roadster
At 10th place is the iconic Mazda MX-5, a Japanese roadster that's sleek to stare and delightful to drive. On IG, this lovely drop-top has close to 2.3 million posts in total to date, which goes to show just how likeable the car really is.

To put things into perspective, the supposedly popular Tesla Model 3 only has over 670,000 posts at the moment. Perhaps true blue purists are still very into three pedals and petrol.

9. BMW M5

The BMW M5 is powerful and has ample presence
Coming in close at number 9 is the stylish and powerful BMW M5 - a car that is synonymous with bedroom wall posters for many years. At 2.41 million posts, the Bimmer is nothing short of popular amongst drivers, enthusiasts and idealists, an achievement that's not surprising at all.

From the E28 in 1985 right through to the current F90 that saw daylight in 2018, the BMW M5 is now in its sixth model generation and has been around for over 35 years The F90 model packs a hearty 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that makes a thumping 591bhp and 750Nm of torque from the word go.

8. Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf comes in at the eighth place
The eighth place comes as no surprise, considering its popularity as the 'people's car' around the world. With 2.69 million posts on IG, the Volkswagen Golf has proven to be a well-received and established car both on social media as well as on the roads. This comes as a no-brainer, too, since the Golf has been around for 45 years and it seems to be the default car to recommend a friend when they ask about hatchbacks.

Perhaps it's popularity also stems from the fact that all the different eight generation models have managed to retain its ability to be an age-free, race-free and gender-free. Whether you're a CEO of an SME or a rich kid at SMU, getting behind the wheel of the Golf won't get you defined by your peers.

7. MINI Cooper

Funky and fun, the MINI Cooper has close to 3.77 million posts on Instagram!
At a distance away in terms of number of posts on IG is the MINI Cooper. This stylishly-made English hatchback that's popular amongst the funky bunch and the purist lads has close to 3.77 million posts on the social media platform! That's about a million more from the eighth position.

Perhaps this has largely to do with just how eye-catching and relevant the car is amongst drivers and IG users alike from around the world.

6. BMW M3

With this look, how can the BMW M3 not be popular on social media?
Another car from BMW M that made it to this list is the handsome BMW M3. Like its bigger brethren, the BMW M3 spans six generations and has about 4 million posts on IG, which gives it a strong standing as the top six most popular cars to be posted on the social media platform.

And that's easily understandable given its popularity for its superior handling, dynamics, suspension and lighter weight, just to name a few. It wouldn't come as a shocker if the numbers for the car on IG continues to rise.

5. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a successful muscle car
Coming in as the top 5 is the popular American muscle car, Ford Mustang. This car was so successful that it actually led several competitors from other American carmakers such as Chevrolet and Pontiac to create similar cars including the Camaro and the Firebird.

Hence, the car has been so widely popular and revered that it currently stands at 4.11 million posts on IG in total. Does it deserve to be in the fifth position? You bet...

4. Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 (GT3 RS pictured) is an iconic sports car that's annoyingly good and popular
Also deserving to be in its position is the iconic Porsche 911. As a matter of fact, not only does the car deserve to be in the fourth place, hardcore Porsche fans will say it deserves to be the first, given its wide popularity amongst drivers and fanboys.

The very notion and suggestion that 'every new 911 is just like the one that came before' perhaps resonates strongest in this new eighth generation model (also dubbed the 992), which is why it has over 4.45 million posts on the social media platform.

3. Land Rover Range Rover

The Rangie is a lavish and sporty full-sized SUV
After over 50 years, and five different generations, the Land Rover Range Rover has never failed to inspire people around the world with its 'go anywhere, do anything' disposition - which is partly the reason why this car has 4.87 million posts on IG.

The other reason, of course, is the fact that with every new Rangie model that comes out, the carmaker never fails to consistently deliver the same winning formula that outdoes its predecessors. Can't imagine what how many more million posts there will be when the sixth generation model sees daylight.

2. Jeep Wrangler

Unique on and off screen, the Jeep Wrangler is certainly not your average SUV
Coming in at the second most Instagrammed car in the world is the Jeep Wrangler. Do a quick search on IG and you'll be able to see just how strong a following this car really has - many of which it is accompanied by a driver who portrays to be someone macho and strong-natured.

And that isn't surprising since this huge, high-riding SUV is something quite out of the norm. As a matter of fact, it is an authentic and unapologetic say-no-to-tarmac off-roading beast, which makes it such a unique and well-loved car on social media, with 5.02. million posts.

1. Honda Civic

And the winner goes to...
And the first place goes to none other than the Honda Civic. While you may be expecting a car like, say, a Lamborghini or a Ferrari to take the top spot, it's the humble Honda Civic that stands at over 5.15 million posts on IG. As a comparison, the Lamborghini Aventador, which is one of the most recognisable supercars in the world today, has only 1.4 million posts on IG.

This only goes to show just how vastly popular the Honda Civic really is. More importantly, it also shows just how relevant the car is to so many people around the world. Must be the JDM thing...

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