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Drivers seeking a set of tyres that can transform the way their car handles should seriously consider the new Yokohama Advan V107.

30 Sep 2022

If there's one thing keen drivers love apart from a quicker and more powerful car, it's one that also handles well.

When we think about better handling, we immediately imagine components such as performance brake kits and coil-over suspension. But there's one component that should always come first: tyres.

Tyres are the only constant links between the driver and the road. They are more than just rubber - a good set of tyres can easily handle the car's performance and enables it to reach its full potential of acceleration, braking, cornering and water displacement.

It begins with grip

The Advan V107's square shape increases the size of its contact patch, thereby enhancing grip
As an ultra-high-performance (UHP) tyre, the Yokohama Advan V107 is engineered to exert very high levels of grip.

The grip performance, in both wet and dry weather, is what enables any car - not just sports cars - to accelerate, brake and corner better than they would with just a set of 'regular' tyres.

To accomplish this, Yokohama gave the Advan V107 a square rather than round contact shape, thereby increasing its road contact area.

To further improve traction, the Advan V107 also features a High-Rigidity Wide Shoulder. This enhances the tread pattern’s rigidity at high speeds, which results in higher grip in dry conditions, too.

Ready for wet weather

The Variable Width Circumferential Grooves channel water away to maintain traction
Singapore's climate, though, is either hot or rainy, and we all know the risk that wet conditions pose: aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning occurs when the amount of water on the road surface becomes too great for tyres to displace, thereby causing the tyres to 'float' or lose contact with the road.

This is extremely dangerous as loss of traction can lead to a skid, putting you at risk of a mishap.

Resistance to aquaplaning is precisely why the Yokohama Advan V107 has Variable Width Circumferential Grooves that mitigates the risk of aquaplaning.

The 3+1 pattern design, with its wide and straight grooves, enables the tyre to channel water away from the tread, ensuring high grip levels in rainy conditions, even at higher speeds.

Steering precision

The Advan V107 has an even more rigid construction, which heightens steering feel
The Advan V107 will enable a car to perform faster cornering speeds and shorter stopping distances in both wet and dry surfaces. It also delivers another key performance upgrade: sharper steering.

The V107 features a high-rigidity rayon carcass material, and has a matrix body ply structure. With this stiff construction, the steering is more responsive and accurate as well.

This makes the driver feel more connected to the road, giving him or her a better sense of how the front tyres are reacting. Sharper steering therefore gives the driver a better sense of confidence, too.

If you drive a sports car or hot hatch, a heightened feel at the helm is something you definitely crave.

Performance up, volume down

The newly shaped silent sipes (they look like lightning bolts) help reduce external noise
Car owners often say that high-performance tyres are 'noisy' or 'produce a lot of noise'.

But this is less of an issue with the Advan V107, whose newly designed silent sipes counteract these noises with ease.

Lower levels of external noise mean even less sound is transmitted into the cabin, thereby improving ride comfort.

So, rather than hearing tyre noise, you’re free to enjoy your music, or better still, the soundtrack of your engine.

The higher-contrast sidewall lettering makes the tyre look better and stand out more
Underscoring these many improvements is the Advan V107's new sidewall design.

Using a special tooling process in the production moulds, Yokohama developed a higher contrast for the sidewall lettering, improving the tyre's visibility and aesthetics.

If you're ready to bring your car's performance to the next level, upgrading to a set of Advan V107's should be your first consideration.

The Advan 107 is available at all authorised Yokohama dealers, and comes in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 23 inches.

For more information, click here to visit the official website of YHI Corporation. You can find out more about the Advan V107 here.
Product Information
Yokohama ADVAN Sport V107

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$485 - $630



Developed for use on premium high-performance cars, premium high-performance SUVs, and premium electric vehicles (EVs).

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