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Text | Desmond Chan
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18 October 2022
Here are key things you should look out for during your regular servicing to avoid expensive repairs further down the line.

Let's be honest - maintenance and servicing is by far the least enjoyable part of car ownership. It costs money, obviously, but it's also a hassle. You have to find time to go to the workshop, you have to constantly make budget-conscious choices about what products you want to use, and sometimes even go from workshop to workshop to find one that has the relevant product and service you need.

But regular servicing is important. Better to go through the hassle, rather than put it off and risk a more serious issue cropping up, which can lead to expensive repairs later on. Of course, larger faults are not completely avoidable, but there are things you can do to mitigate the chances of them happening.

So, what should you look out for during your regular service? Here are the main components that you should be regularly checking on, and will require replacing every so often (sorted from most often to least often):
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Engine Oil

Replacing your engine oil regularly helps to ensure that all the mechanical components in the engine are properly lubricated and running smoothly. Different cars have different recommended oil types (ranging in formulation, viscosity and so on), so using the appropriate oil is important. Of course, you also want to ensure that the oil level doesn't drop due to leaks.

Typical service interval: 10,000km or every 6 months
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There are a number of filters in the car, all of which have the same essential function: to ensure that particulates do not contaminate the system, whichever they may be. The oil filter for your engine oil, an air filter to ensure clean air for fuel combustion, cabin filter so you are breathing clean air, and there's also a fuel filter to make sure that the fuel you are burning is clean.

Typical service interval: 10,000km or every 6 months for oil filter (typically in conjunction with your oil change), as necessary for the others
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Batteries don't last forever, as anyone with an older smartphone can attest to. And while that's a function of wear and tear rather than throttling, you should regular check on the condition of your car's battery just as you would on any other electronic device (like your iPhone or laptop).

Typical service interval: As necessary, but typically every other year
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Given Singapore's heavy downpours, being able to see on the road is obviously crucial. And if you turn on your wipers and they aren't clearing water the way they should, then it's obviously time to have them replaced.

Typical service interval: Change when necessary
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Brake pad

Brake pad wear is obviously dependent on how much you drive, and how hard you use your brakes. It's definitely one of the components you should always check (and replace when worn), because your brake pads could make the difference between a close shave and an accident.

Typical service interval: change when necessary
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Transmission Fluid

Much like engine oil, the transmission fluid has the same purpose of ensuring the mechanical components in the car's gearbox are lubricated and cooled. Again, ensuring the right type of oil is important, as is the oil level.

Typical service interval: 40,000km for automatics, much longer for manuals (100,000km or so)
Brake fluid and Coolant

The brake fluid is what transmits the pressure your foot puts on the brake pedal into the force actuated by the brake callipers on the rotor. You want to check for any bubbles or discolouration, which would be a sign that the brake fluid is contaminated and needs replacing.

The coolant is the medium that helps draw heat out of the engine so that it can be expelled by the radiator. If the coolant is not working optimally due to wear and tear or particles clogging up the system, this will lead to overheating which can have catastrophic effects on your car.

It is important to have these checked and replaced as necessary, and you can drop by the CWORKS flagship workshop to get your car thoroughly checked.

Typical service interval: Top up as necessary
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To find out more about CWORKS range of products, you can visit its local distributor Toyotsu Binter's website.