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Text | Clarence Seow
Photos | Shell, Media Team

14 DECEMBER 2022
More than just a retailer of fuel, Shell has been pushing progress for years here in Singapore. We look at some of the its lesser-known achievements!

Most here associate Shell simply with petrol, but did you know that the firm has also been a mover of many other initiatives on our island as well? From supporting our aviation sector, to promoting education and road safety, we look at some of the great achievements the firm has made here!
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A long history here in Singapore

To start, the history of Shell here in Singapore stretches back. Really far back.

The first Shell retail station here in Singapore, for example, was opened a grand 100 years ago, along our now famous Orchard Road. And the firm has a presence here that's more than just simply retailing fuel.

Its oil storage facility, located at Palau Bukom, was converted into a refinery proper in 1961, and has served as a cornerstone of our petrochemical sector since. Today, the site serves as a test bed for many innovations including the use of pyrolysis oil, generated from waste plastics, for the manufacture of other oil-based products.

The site is also experimenting with the use hydrogen made from renewable resources to manufacture resources sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel for road transport. And let's not forget that Shell has also been supplying our own Changi Airport with the aviation fuel needed to turn our nation into the transport and tourism hub it is today!
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Pushing the transition to electric power

Come closer to the modern day, and you'll note that Shell has also been large at pushing Singapore's move towards electrified power.

You must have already noticed the various Shell Recharge stations here, which now number a total of 22 locations island-wide. These stations all offer owners of electric vehicles here the opportunity to fast charge their vehicles at speeds of up to 50kW.

But there's more to look forward to as well. Shell is currently building what will soon be Singapore's largest electric vehicle charging hub in Singapore, right within Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. Up to 28 charging stations are set to open in the carpark of the convention centre, aiding the nation in its transition to local emissions-free mobility.
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Supporting the next generation

And Shell is also supporting this push to raise sustainability standards in Singapore with a host of educational initiatives.

These include, for example, its Eco-marathon. Designed to build up local industry know-how in developing eco-friendly technology, the marathon sees institutions from different countries across the region designing and building as well as testing various ultra-energy-efficient vehicles.

There's also the Shell NXplorers programme, which in 2022, was conducted in collaboration with the Singapore Science Centre. The programme encouraged local students here to develop sustainable solutions to food, water and energy challenges.
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Still here for the drivers

But all these don't mean that the regular driver has been forgotten.

Take for example, the fact that there are now more food and refreshment options than ever at Shell's petrol stations across Singapore. With local favourites ranging from fruit teas and juices alongside more local snacks, drivers here now can refresh and refuel while their cars get topped up.

And keeping your car clean is also now easier than ever, thanks to Shell's new range of car cleaning products. With a lineup that stretches from car shampoos to a tyre shine and interior cleaners, the car owner here in Singapore no longer needs to travel in order to find the right grooming product to keep his/her vehicle spick and span!
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Here to move you forward

And now Shell also wants to get you moving forward!

From 8 December 2022 to 8 February 2023, simply look out for the Shell stations sporting the Sgcarmart X Shell standees, and ask for the Sgcarmart sticker. Register your vehicle here, apply the sticker onto your vehicle, and you could be walking away with up to $250 worth of fuel vouchers!

We will be looking out for a total of eight vehicles with the Sgcarmart sticker, one every week through the promotion period, so be sure to paste your sticker in a prominent location on your car!