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Located at its own building in Tagore Lane, Privilege Motors offers a seamless purchase experience for pre-owned European cars.

14 Mar 2023

Buying a car is never a small affair. Unless you are someone who is used to spending five to six-figures on luxury goods, a car is likely to be the next biggest purchase apart from buying a new house. As with any large financial decision, you'll want to make sure nothing goes awry, and the best way to ensure that is to purchase the car from a trusted car dealer.

Trust is built up over time - hence, opting to buy from a company with some history is always a smart choice. Founded more than a decade ago back in 2011, Privilege Motors has grown and expanded multiple times thanks to the trust of customers who chose to purchase their cars from it. And a huge part of the reason is due to the seamless purchase experience and quality inventory that it offers.

A trusted dealership that grew with its customer base over the years

The Privilege Group of companies offer a seamless one-stop car purchase experience
Originally a small company selling pre-owned vehicles, Privilege Motors was operating out of its first showroom located in the popular car mart at Turf City (currently The Grandstand).

After just two years in the industry, Privilege Motors expanded with Privilege Capital and Privilege Leasing joining its ranks to form Privilege Group - a one-stop solution providing a seamless car purchase experience.

As a whole, Privilege Group offers the services and vehicles that are required by all sorts of buyers, including both individuals and corporates. 

Privilege Motors is now located in its own building at Tagore Lane
Its wide range of cars is sure to satisfy your wants and needs, while its in house financial arm is able to offer the loan that you might require to secure the purchase of the car. With the purchase sorted out, Privilege Group is also able to secure insurance coverage for your new car - a truly one-stop, seamless service.

With such value-added services and the support from happy customers, it comes as no surprise that Privilege Group has shifted and expanded its showroom multiple times. Over the years, it shifted from its original location at Turf City to AMTECH Buillding, followed by Automobile Megamart, MAPEX and finally, its own building that currently resides at 162 Tagore Lane.

Boutique-style showroom spread over two floors for your car-viewing pleasure

This is the place to shop for quality pre-owned European cars
Privilege Motors understands the importance of every car-buying experience, be it for a pre-owned or a brand new car.

As such, it insists on providing a great car viewing and buying experience that is on par with the Authorised Dealers of brand new cars.

On the first two floors at the Privilege Group building, you can find a slew of pre-owned European cars in pristine condition, sitting on the luxuriously furnished boutique-style showroom floors.

You can find all kinds of cars at Privilege Motors, ranging from electric cars to high-end supercars
If you are wondering how the cars are brought upstairs, Privilege Motors has a car lift installed to bring the cars up - its dedication towards providing the best environment for your car-shopping needs is clear to see.

While Privilege Motors specialises in the sale of used European cars, especially pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars, you can find cars of other make and models here as well.

Its inventory actually includes budget-friendly options, along with high-end models such as Lamborghinis, Bentleys and even Rolls-Royce limousines!

Value-added services to ensure the best car-buying experience you can get

From the viewing of the car to the loan procdure and the procurement of insurance, everything can be done here
Buying a car from Privilege Motors is a hassle-free and seamless affair as it is able to provide all the assistance you need.

From the moment you found the perfect car at its showroom until the moment you drive away your new car, everything can be sorted under one roof by the same trusted personnel.

However, the transaction does not simply end there and then. Privilege Motors also works with Cycle and Carriage to offer extended warranty packages at attractive prices to ensure a trouble-free car-ownership experience.

If you are looking for a car, you won't go wrong with Privilege Motors
Needless to say, in order for such warranty packages to be offered, the cars are thoroughly inspected and ensured to be free from defects before they even reach the showroom floor. Hence, you can truly shop for your new car with peace of mind.

With its own financial arm within Privilege Group, Privilege Motors has access to an in-house insurance agent who works with six insurers. You can be assured of the best possible insurance rates for your purchase.

As expected of a forward-thinking company, Privilege Group is currently in the planning stages of acquiring its own workshop to better cater to the needs of its clients. With the team's dedication towards improving its service and support for its clients, it is clear that buying a car from Privilege Motors will be a wise choice in the long run.

If you are looking for a car, you can check out Privilege Motors' available car listings or visit it at 162 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787571. It is open from 10:00am - 6:00pm daily. To find out more, you can reach it at 6611 1515 or visit its website here.
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