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With a spacious boot and generous range alongside a low asking price, the MG 5 EV has net out award for the Best Electric Newcomer of the Year.

13 Mar 2023

The MG 5 EV may be nondescript and unpretentious, but that's exactly what makes it so great in our eyes, and deserving of our award for the 2023 Best Electric Newcomer of the Year category.

At some $70,000 before COE, and with 495-litres of space in the boot, its not only practical, but also mighty affordable.

Throw in the fact that it offers a range in excess of 400km, has good space for passengers in the back, and has a drive that simply makes you happy to hit the road, and its not hard to see why the MG 5 EV should gain traction amongst buyers here. See just what else makes the car our electric newcomer of the year here.

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